Convocation Student Speaker Nominations

A member of the graduating class traditionally speaks at the Law School Convocation.  A graduating JD student is selected to speak at the JD Convocation, and a graduating LLM/JSD student is selected to speak at the LLM/JSD Convocation.

The student speakers for the Class of 2018 will be chosen by the Dean upon the recommendation of the Student-Faculty Convocation Committee. The committee is seeking nominations for this year's speakers.  Members of the graduating class may nominate themselves or any of their classmates.  All graduating JD, LLM, and JSD students are encouraged to apply.

Please submit your nominations HERE.

The deadline to submit nominations for the Convocation Student Speaker will be March 2, 2018.  Questions about nominating a student speaker?  Email the Office of Student Affairs at


Commencement Student Speaker Nominations

NYU Law students are invited to nominate themselves to speak at the All-University Commencement!  Each school will nominate one of its students to serve as the student speaker at Yankee Stadium.   Faculty and administrators may also nominate students.

If interested, please submit your résumé (max. two pages) and a sample of your proposed Commencement speech to Student Affairs at Please also answer the following questions:

  • What achievements make you stand out amongst your peers?
  • How are you representative of the student body?
  • What qualities make you a strong speaker?

You must also submit a letter of support from a faculty adviser, faculty member, or administrator who knows you well. This letter should include answers to the questions:

  • How does the student stand out among their peers?
  • What academic achievements should we know about?
  • What leadership qualities, including community service, does the student embody?

The deadline to submit nominations for the All-University Commencement Student Speaker is March 2, 2018.  Send all supporting materials to the Office of Student Affairs at