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Hooding Ceremony

During the Convocation ceremony, each graduate will come on stage, have her/his/their name read, and receive a doctoral hood from a faculty member.  Graduates who have alumni family members are invited to participate in the Legacy Hooding Ceremony.

Directions for registering relatives for the Legacy Hooding Ceremony: (NYU Law alumni only):

When you RSVP for Convocation, you will be asked to indicate whether you would like to have relatives who graduated from NYU School of Law (up to two) participate in the hooding ceremony.  You will be asked to provide contact information for each individual, so be certain to have the following information on hand when you RSVP:
- Full name
- E-mail address
- Mailing address
- Daytime phone number
- Year of graduation from NYU School of Law
- Degree (JD or LLM)

Hooding Ceremony FAQs

What is the Hooding Ceremony?
It is an opportunity for each graduating student to be recognized individually.  While your name is read, you will walk towards a faculty member and face the audience.  The faculty member will place the hood over your head, and then you will walk towards Dean Morrison to shake his hand. You will then walk to the other side of the stage where your photo will be taken by a professional photographer from Island Photography.  You will exit behind the photographer and be directed by an Aisle Director to an available seat.

How will this work with over 450 JD graduates and 350 LLM & JSD graduates?
There will be one line and two faculty members who will be hooding. Please pay careful attention and be certain to keep the line moving at all stages of this process. With the number of people we want to honor, every second counts. Also, while you are on line, please be quiet to ensure that you are not interfering with what is happening on stage.  Keep in mind that there will be NYU Law staff directing you through every step.

What do I do with the name card and hood?
Hold your name card in your right hand and your academic hood in your left hand.  You will be prompted by an Aisle Director to get up from your row and walk towards the stage.  When you reach the stage, hand your name card to the Reader Helper and pause. If both Hooders are occupied with students, you will be directed to wait at the podium. PLEASE DO NOT STAND AND WAIT IN FRONT OF THE STUDENT BEING HOODED. Once a student walks away from a Hooder, you will then be directed to walk in front of the podium to the available faculty member.  When you reach the faculty member, turn around and face the audience.  The faculty member will place the hood over your head.

Can my family take photographs during the ceremony?
Unfortunately, we do not permit guests to approach the stage to take photographs. It is important for guests to remain seated throughout the entire Convocation ceremony. We are relying on you to convey this message to your guests. We invite you to take photos after Convocation outside of the Beacon Theatre.

How can I order the photos taken of me?
Only the designated photographer (Island Photography) will take your photo as you come across the stage. You will be captured being hooded, standing with Dean Morrison, and posing near the NYU banner. Please do not stop the flow of the ceremony to take these photos; the photographers will capture you as you naturally progress from station to station. Because seconds matter in this effort to honor everyone in a timely manner, it is important for you to keep the line moving. To request complimentary proofs of these photos, click here.

After I am hooded and have my photo taken, where do I go?
You will return to the seating area where Aisle Directors will guide you to an available seat. It is likely that you may not return to the same seat you had before the processional. Please move purposefully and quickly. Any congestion on this end will impact other parts of the ceremony. Once seated, you will wait until the last person crosses the stage for closing remarks from Dean Morrison.

For questions regarding the Hooding Ceremony, contact the Office of Student Affairs at

Last Modified 10/8/2015