Records and Registration

Fall 2009 Courses Offered By Stern School of Business

Title Faculty Stern Credit Alloc. Law Credit Alloc. Day/Time
 B30.2119.10 L03.0004.001 Entertainment and Media:  Markets and Economy  Greene   1.50  1.00  *** To determine meeting times for all classes click here  
 B40.2302.10 L03.0012.001 Corporate Finance Mueller 3.00 2.50  
 B40.2302.11 L03.0012.002 Corporate Finance Schnabl 3.00 2.50

*** To determine classroom assignments for all classes click here (available in September)

 B40.2302.12 L03.0012.003 Corporate Finance Schmeits 3.00 2.50  
 B40.2302.13 L03.0012.004 Corporate Finance Schmeits 3.00 2.50

 *** To determine exam dates for all classes click here (available in September)

 B40.2304.10   Restructuring Firms and Industries***  Amihud  3.00  2.50  
 B40.2334.01 L03.0002.001 Investment Banking Murphy, C. 3.00 2.75



L03.0009.001 Topics in Corporate Finance  Lindenberg  1.50  1.00   
 B40.3173.10 L03.0032.001 Venture Capital Financing D'Souza 1.50 1.00  
 B40.3196.10   Mergers & Acquisitions  Amihud  1.50  1.00   
 B40.3198.01 L03.0005.001 Bankruptcy & Reorg Altman 1.50 1.25



 B40.3361.01 L03.0006.001 Entrupreneurial Finance Smith 3.00 2.75  
 B40.3387.01 L03.0007.001 Global Banking & Capital Mkts Smith 3.00 2.75  
 B65.2161.10    L03.0042.001 *Negotiating Complex Transactions Freeman 1.50 1.00 or 2.00**   

    *A mandatory make-up class will be held on October 29.
  **Law students will receive 2.00 credits if the additional assignment is completed.
***In addition to meeting the listed prerequisites, only students with a strong finance background should register for this class.



Evening and weekend courses begin and end later in the semester than law school courses.  Law school students who enroll in evening or weekend courses will not be allowed to drop the course.




According to ABA rules, 700 minutes of class instruction (excluding breaks) is equal to one law school credit. The Law School awards credits based on the number of hours per week that a course is offered. All Law students will earn the number of credits listed above as the Law allocation of credits towards the Law degree.




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