Records and Registration

Fall 2003 Courses Offered By Stern School of Business


Course ID Lottery Call # Drop/ Add Call # Title Faculty Cr Day/Time
L03.0005001 22736 55930 Bankruptcy and
Altman 1.5 MW 3:00-4:20 (09/08-10/22)
L03.0007001 22737 55931 Global Banking and
Capital Markets
R. Smith
3.0 MW 1:30-2:50
L03.0002001 22734 55928 Investment Banking Froewiss 3.0 TR 3:00-4:20
L03.0004001 22735 55929 Mergers and Acquisitions Amihud 1.5 MW 3:00-4:20 (10/27-12/10)

In addition to these courses, Restructuring Firms & Industries and Enterpreneurial Finance in the Corporate and Commercial Law area are cross-listed with Stern.

Course Descriptions

B40.3198 (L03.0005) Bankruptcy and Reorganization - Altman
Prerequisite: B01.2311 or L03.3020 & B40.2302. 1.5 credits.
Practical and theoretical implications of bankruptcy and distressed restructuring. Focus is primarily on corporate form organizations ranging from banks to retail firms to manufacturers. Topics include valuation effects of bankruptcy; workout strategies; the bankruptcy-reorganization process from the viewpoint of different participants; the implications of bankruptcy for banks, workers, and state and national industrial policy.

B40.3387 (L03.0007) Global Banking and Capital Markets - R. Smith
Prerequisite: B01.2311 or L03.3020. 3 credits.
Analysis of the competitive performance and strategic positioning of financial institutions in multinational capital markets. Market segmentation theories are applied to markets for syndicated lending, trade finance, project financing. Considers international aspects of raising capital in multinational, multiregulatory settings. Examples may include mergers and acquisitions, joint venture capital projects, government or private partnership projects.

B40.2334 (L03.0002) Investment Banking - Froewiss
Prerequisite: B01.2311 or L03.3020. 3 credits.
A broad overview of the role of investment banking in modern societies. What functions are performed; how are these tasks carried out in competitive and noncompetitive environments? Concepts such as origination, syndication, distribution of security issues. Pricing of new issues and the management of issues in the after markets. The role of investment bankers in restructuring industry, financing governments, and facilitating saving and investment. Ethical issues investment bankers must face are considered.

B40.3196 (L03.0004) Mergers and Acquisitions - Amihud
Prerequisite: B01.2311 or L03.3020. 1.5 credits.
Examines selected topics in mergers and acquisitions from the viewpoint of finance. Basic theory and empirical findings form the base for discussing such issues as merger strategy; defensive measures in merger; the valuation of firms as a whole under differing management strategies; impact of financing considerations on various stakeholders.