JD Students

Students who want to register for more than 15 credits must obtain the approval of the Office of Academic Services; use the Permission to Increase/Decrease Credit Load form. The bidding cycle will assign courses to a maximum of 15 credits only. During add/drop, COURSES will not allow you to exceed 15 credits without a waiver. After the bidding results are available, students can submit a request to increase their credit load. With good reason and a strong academic record, students may petition to take 16 credits. Students registering for a 3 or 4 credit language course may take up to 18 credits with permission.


Graduate Students

Only under exceptional circumstances may a student be permitted to register in excess of 15 credits.

Tax and International Tax students must obtain permission from the Director of the Tax Program.

All other graduate students must obtain permission from the Director of Graduate Affairs using the Credit Load Permission form.

Your registration will be delayed until you receive approval. A delay may mean you do not get into a particular course.

Part-time students may only register for up to 6 credits per semester. Students who are working full-time, however, are strongly advised to limit their course load to 4 or 5 credits per semester.