Public Interest Law Center

Domestic Job Search Sites

Unless otherwise noted, the sites below are either free to all or free to NYU students because NYU School of Law subscribes to them.


Comprehensive listing of public interest legal positions, including volunteer opportunities, paid summer positions, and post-graduate positions and fellowships.

Idealist (Action without Borders), (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
Comprehensive listing of public service positions, both legal and non-legal, in over 140 countries. This is an especially good site for post-graduate job listings. Searchable by subject matter, country, type of position, and other categories.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association, (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
This is the best site for post-graduate jobs in civil legal services organizations and defender organizations. Other public interest organizations are also listed. Searchable by state.

Foundation Center,
Provides information about every foundation in the country. Much of this information is free, but some of it is for paying subscribers only. Job corner contains a database of job openings in foundations, corporate grantmakers, and other nonprofit organizations. Searchable by type of employer and region.


Government Honors & Internship Handbook,
Contact PILC to obtain a username and password, which is also listed in all relevant PILC publications. Information on federal government post-graduate honors programs and summer internships.

Office of Personnel Management,
This is the federal government’s official one-stop source for federal jobs (permanent and internships) and employment information. Searchable by position, salary, and geographic location. Updated every business day. Can create an “agent” to email particular kinds of opportunities as soon as they are posted. Note: When searching for federal jobs, you should also check the agency site, as not every job makes it into USA JOBS.

National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG),
The most comprehensive online site for the latest developments in the office of the state Attorneys General throught the country, including ground-breaking litigation and job opportunities.



Leadership Directories,
Updates and publishes names and contact information for federal, state, and municipal government agencies.  You may access the site, without a username or password, from any Law School computer, by clicking “Leadership Online Log In” in the top right hand corner.
You may also access the Guide from home by going to: and entering your NetID and password.

Roll Call Jobs,
Features jobs in government affairs, lobbying and other positions with organizations that do lobbying and other work with the federal government.

Congressional Staff Directory,
Contact PILC to obtain a username and password.

List Serves for Campaign and Capitol Hill Jobs

Tom Manatos Job List
Yahoo Group with numerous jobs on Capitol Hill and with advocacy organizations. Email to subscribe.

Jobs That Are Left List,
Google Group with jobs and internships (only some of which are legal) on political campaigns and at advocacy organizations, and occasionally information on career and networking events. 

Emily’s List Job Bank,
Create a profile, upload you resume, and get notices about jobs and internships (only some of which are legal) on political campaigns and at advocacy organizations.

State-Specific Job Sites

To help law school graduates search for a public sector career, the Chicago Bar Association Government Services Committee and the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association of Chicago have compiled the most current hiring information available on numerous government agencies in Chicago.

The site of the Minnesota Justice Foundation, this site lists Minnesota legal internships.

New York City (government jobs),

Subject-Matter Specific

AFL-CIO Lawyers Coordinating Committee,
Lists positions in unions and public interest law firms that specialize in labor and employment.

Run by Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide, this site lists organizations worldwide that do environmental work.

National Fair Housing Advocate,
Lists positions with organizations and governmental agencies dealing with fair housing issues.