Center for Law and Philosophy

Dworkin-Balzan Postdoctoral Fellowships

Each year the Center for Law and Philosophy offers up to two Dworkin-Balzan Fellowships in Law and Philosophy. These fellowships partially implement the Research Project associated with the Balzan Prize awarded to the late Ronald Dworkin in 2012.

Fellows will spend a year in residence at NYU School of Law’s new Center for Law and Philosophy, and attend the Colloquium in Legal, Political, and Social Philosophy, convened in 2016 by Liam Murphy and Jeremy Waldron (subject to final administrative approval). They will undertake a research project on some issue of legal, moral, and political philosophy of the kind that interested Ronald Dworkin. Such issues include : legitimacy, democracy, the rule of law, and the role of courts; international law and justice; the nature of rights; the relation between the moral life and the good life; philosophical foundations of substantive areas of law; legal interpretation; justice, equality, and the market economy; law and political obligation; and the objectivity of value.