The majority of the NYU@NUS program takes place in Singapore, a fascinating city-state whose blend of peoples and cultures are influenced by its history under Great Britain and its proximity to countries such as China, Indonesia, India and Malaysia. Many Western amenities are found in this modern metropolis while at the same time offering culture and cuisine demonstrating a reverence for traditions and the people who comprise this energetic place.

The NUS Faculty of Law is located on the Bukit Timah campus next to the Singapore Botanic Garden, and minutes from the downtown area. Sharing the campus are the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy as well as five NUS think tanks, and students have access to tennis courts and the athletic facilities in the same location. Some students elect to live close to the Bukit Timah campus, such as in Evans Lodge, or take a short bus ride to other NUS housing options or to their private residences.

The main campus of NUS is located at Kent Ridge. Many cultural events happen throughout the year, such as performances by student art groups at the Center for the Arts, exhibits at the University’s museum which features a collection of over 7,000 artifacts and art pieces, and performances at the University Cultural Centre featuring the rich heritage of Singapore as well as some of the best international entertainment. Many student clubs, as well as the NUS Student Union, also meet at the main campus.