After much careful deliberation our two institutions have decided to conclude the NYU@NUS program with the graduation of the class of 2014. The incoming class that begins its studies in May 2013 will be the last intake for the program. This group is the last that is covered by the order of the New York State Court of Appeals that allows NYU@NUS graduates to sit the New York Bar examination. It also enjoys generous scholarships and financial awards that the program has secured for outstanding applicants from around the world.

The NYU@NUS program was initially established for 4 yearsthe classes of 2008 to 2011. Towards the end of this period, NYU and NUS decided to extend the program for another 3 years to the class of 2014. We have now agreed to conclude the program without seeking additional financing to extend it. In the last few years, the cost of graduate legal education has risen significantly, and running the program in Singapore has been made possible by a generous grant by the government of Singapore to fund the numerous scholarships offered. Unfortunately, the program did not become self-financing in the way we had hoped it would; continuing it in its present form would entail a significant diversion of financial resources on the part of both NYU and NUS. With regret, therefore, our two institutions have now arrived at the mutual decision to allow the program to conclude and not to seek a further extension.

Over the years since its inception, the program has produced outstanding graduates and loyal alumni who are thriving in their chosen fields of endeavour around the globe. NYU and NUS take great pride and satisfaction in the fact that the program has succeeded in delivering a global legal education that combines the best of what North America and Asia have to offer. Students in the program have had the unparalleled opportunity to experience a unique offering in U.S. and Asian legal studies that gave them the chance to study and live in three international capitals of commerce and finance: Singapore, Shanghai and New York. They have forged friendshipsand, indeed, marriagesthat span the globe. We believe that the graduates of the program have been enriched by their experience, and are proud of how our faculty, administrators, supporters and students have come together to pioneer NYU@NUS's unprecedented form of global academic collaboration. Both NYU and NUS remain committed in their continuing quest to forge the kinds of global collaboration that NYU@NUS has come to signify.