For NYU courses, a student who receives an F in a course earns no credit towards the LL.M. degree for that course.  The student may re-register for that course or take another course to earn the required credits.

For NUS courses, students who fail elective subjects will be required to repeat that subject or take another subject. The transcript will indicate a fail in that subject. If the student repeats the subject or takes another subject, the grade received will be reflected on the transcript.

An LL.M. Student in the Law and the Global Economy degree who, per NYU requirements, has a GPA below 2.67 following completion of the Summer Term, may undertake additional credits in order to raise their GPA. Note that a maximum of 6 NYU approved credits may be pursued under this process and in no event may a student take a total number of credits in excess of 30.  Any additional credits may be taken in new courses, directed research, or in courses in which the student’s grade was C or lower.  The substituted-for grades will remain on the student’s transcript but will not be counted in the student’s GPA.  Tuition may be charged for additional credits according to New York University and Law School rules.

Re-registrations and substitutions must be paid for on a per credit basis, unless these elections are made during a term in which the student is registered as a full-time student, and does not exceed the cap on credits per term.

After a professor has submitted a grade to the Records Office, the professor may not change the grade unless he or she certifies in writing that it was incorrect as a result of a mechanical computation or transcription error.  A grade may not be changed as a result of a re-evaluation of a student’s work. 

Under University rule grades may not be changed for any reason after the student has graduated.