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Rocío Lorca Ferreccio

Dissertation Title: Social Injustice and the State’s Standing to Punish

Doctoral Supervisor: Professor Liam Murphy

Biography and Research:

Rocío is a JSD candidate from Chile. She obtained her Law Degree with highest honors at Universidad de Chile ('07) were she was a teacher and research assistant and also directed the student's journal on law and humanities. After graduating she worked for the GTZ (German Technical Cooperation Agency) in their Prison Law Reform Project and then she became a researcher for the Chilean National Defender's Office. During this time she was also adjunct lecturer at the law school of Universidad Adolfo Ibañez. She came to NYU as a Fulbright Scholar and completed the LLM in Legal Theory in 2010.

She is generally interested in determining how we should assess the relationship between economic and criminal justice from a normative perspective. In her LLM thesis she investigated the impact that extreme poverty should have in our status of responsible agents and during her doctoral studies she has been exploring why and how social injustice may undermine a state or a community’s standing to punish wrongdoing.


Introduction and Translation of the Spanish version of Douglas Husak’s Overcriminalization. (Sobrecriminalización, Marcial Pons, Madrid, 2013, pp. 9-27).

“Pobreza y Responsabilidad Penal,” in El Castigo Penal en Sociedades Desiguales, Miño y Dávila, Buenos Aires (2012), pp. 173-204. (Poverty and Criminal Responsibility)

“Asesinatos Selectivos en la Guerra Contra el Terrorismo,” Anuario de Derecho Publico, UDP, Santiago (2012), 495-514. (Targeted Killings in the War Against Terrorism)

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