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Maliheh Zare


Professor Kevin Davis and Professor Intisar Rabb as a member of the dissertation committee

Research Interests:

Law and Development, Islamic Law, Corporate Law, Islamic Finance, Intellectual Property.

Research and Biography:

Maliheh Zare is a JSD student from the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is interested in the field of law and development. Her research will focus on the relationship between law, religion and development. She will conduct her research under the supervision of Professor Kevin Davis, with Professor Intisar Rabb serving as a member of her dissertation committee.

Maliheh has thus far studied the foundations of a wide array of relevant fields of law, such as corporate law, Islamic finance, international trade and intellectual property and hopes to use her acquired knowledge to contribute to the scholarship in the law and development area. She holds a PhD in Private Law, focusing on corporate law, from the University of Tehran, where she was a lecturer on Business Law, and earned an LLM at New York University School of Law as an Arthur T. Vanderbilt Scholar (Amirsaleh Scholar).

Maliheh spent a year at Harvard Law School as a visiting fellow at the Islamic Legal Studies Program, conducting research on Islamic capital markets. She was also a research scholar at NYU School of Law and conducted research on the application of Islamic Law. Moreover, she is a member of Iranian Central Bar Association and passed the New York State Bar Examination (admission to New York State Bar pending).

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