Sources of New York City Law and Regulations


New York Legal Research Guide, 2d ed. Ellen Gibson. (Buffalo: William S. Hein, 1998). Reserve & Reference KFN5074.G53 1998.

Although this book is mostly of statewide interest, its Part II aids the reader in researching New York City's Charters, its local laws, regulations, municipal courts, and more. Also, Part I's Chapter 11 deals with local legislation and special laws that fall within Article 9 of the New York Constitution and the Municipal Home Rule Law.

The Green Book: The Official Directory of the City of New York. New York: The City Record, 1984-
Reference KQ98-N7 .N5A1

The Green Book is published annually by the City of New York, as a directory of employees and offices of the City government, as well as federal and state employees with offices in New York. Background paragraph-length sketches of city and state agencies are given. Addresses, telephone numbers and fax numbers are listed.

New York City Charter and Administrative Code

The Administrative Code and Charter of the City of New York. Albany: Lenz and Riecker, Inc., 1986-
Reserve NYUL KA-N7.9 N4.A36. A3

This full text edition of both the Charter and Code is published in a looseleaf format. Each volume has a summary and table of contents. A separate index volume for the set exists. Historical notes to the Charter and earlier codification follow the text in force. Effective dates for changes are listed. A conversion table of pre-1985 citations and the current codification is printed in volume one.

New York City Charter and Administrative Code Annotated. Albany: New York Legal Pub. Corp., 1989-
Lieberman Main Reading Room & Room B5; NYUL KA-N7.9N4.C42

This full text edition of the Charter and Code is bound and updated semi-annually with pocket parts. There is a separate index volume. Historical notes indicating the date of passage and any amendments follow the text. The annotations also include case law with paragraph synopses of relevant cases from NY Reports, NY Supplement, and the New York Law Journal.

The Official Compilation of the Rules of the City of New York. Albany: Lenz and Riecker, Inc., 1991- Looseleaf
Reserve & Room B5; NYUL KA-N7.9.N43.O44 1991

The rules of the departments and agencies of the City of New York as compiled by the Corporation Counsel are published in a multi-volume looseleaf format. Each volume has a comprehensive table of contents. There is a separate index volume for the entire set. Sources of changes to rules are contained in Historical Notes sections. Annotations to NY and Federal court decisions are provided.

Sources for New York City Legislation

The City Record: "Official Journal of the City of New York." New York: City of New York, 1873- paper and microfilm
Reserve NYUL KA-N7.9 N43.C5 (current issues only)

The City Record is published Monday through Friday except for legal holidays. Official announcements of all New York City business including: meetings and hearings of the Mayor's Office, City agencies and departments and community boards; City Council actions; local laws passed; executive orders; court notices; and property dispositions are officially reported in the City Record.

New York Legal Advance Service. Local Laws of the City of New York. Guilderland, NY: New York Legal Pub. Corp., 1991- Monthly during the sessions of the City Council.
Room B5; NYUL KA-N7.9N43.N5

Published monthly in a pamphlet format, the local laws and executive orders are presented in chronological order, indicating the official local law number, its bill number, approval date and effective date. Subject indexing is provided. A single cumulative volume is published at the end of the legislative year.

New York City Legislative Annual. New York: New York Legislative Service, 1987- Room B5; unbound issues on Reserve; NYUL KA-N7.9N43.N3

This bound annual publication reprints in chronological order all local laws, memoranda, and mayoral executive orders. Subject indexing for land use, local laws and executive orders is included. In addition, a bill sponsor's index and a bill introduction number index with the resulting local law number are provided.

Council Digest. City of New York. Guilderland, NY: NY Legal Publishing Corp, 1990- Monthly
Reserve NYUL KA-N7.9N4.N42.C6

The Council Digest is cumulated monthly. It records all the legislative activity of the City Council, executive orders, committee assignments, and rules of the Council. Its chief asset is the subject indexing it provides for all local laws, land use applications, resolutions and bills. There is an index of sponsors. The Digest also reports New York State legislative resolutions that affect New York City.

Case law

New York Law Journal. New York: New York Law Journal, 1888- paper and microfilm; New York Law Journal Online is available from the Library's Indexes and Databases page, or from a Julius search. Click • Password Required and login to get the username and password.
Reserve NYUL K1 .N68 (current issues)

The Law Journal is published daily when the courts are in session. Opinions from the 1st and 2nd Judicial Departments of New York, selected federal cases in the 2nd Circuit and District Courts, court calendars, and legal notices are published here and digested in the New York Law Journal Digest Annotator. In addition the paper has continuing columns in subject specialties and reporting of New York City legislation and executive orders.

New York Law Journal Digest Annotator. New York: New York Law Journal Seminars Press, 1982- Monthly
Lieberman Main Reading Room NYUL KA-N7.7N55

The Law Journal Digest (formerly Clark's Digest-Annotator) is published monthly and cumulated annually. Opinions from the 1st and 2nd Judicial Departments of New York are abstracted. Often these opinions appear nowhere else. There is a subject digest of selected New York appellate and federal opinions. Digest topics in this title do not correspond to the West digest system. Feature articles, continuing columns and special sections that are helpful in explaining an area of law are indexed in the digest. Citations refer to the date, page and column number in the New York Law Journal.

Rent control/Stabilization law

McKinney's Consolidated Laws of New York Annotated. St. Paul, Minn.: West Publishing Co., 1916-

Book 65 of the set, encompassing the Unconsolidated Laws, sets forth the New York City rent control laws with legislative history and case annotations.

New York Consolidated Laws Services: Annotated Statutes with Forms. Rochester: Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Co., 1950-

Book 41B, chapter 249 of this compilation of New York consolidated laws contains the NY City rent control laws with case annotations and a legislative history synopsis.

Rasch, Joseph. New York Landlord and Tenant: Rent Control and Rent Stabilization. 2nd ed. Rochester: Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, 1987- Updated annually. Reserve KFN5145.R3x 1987.

Nearly 500 pages of this New York legal practice treatise are devoted to New York City's Housing Rent Control laws. All pertinent city and state statutes and administrative materials, including application requirements, advisory sheets, bulletins, orders and guidelines are compiled in a single volume.

Prepared by Gretchen Feltes, Preservation/Reference Librarian, New York University Law Library. April, 1996.


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