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For a glossary of terms and concepts please, go to the United Nations Treaty Reference Guide to find out how the basic terms of the treaty making process have been used in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and definitions of common terms used by the UN in the international treaty practice.




TIAS (JX235 9A32)
Includes Treaties and other International Acts Series. Washington, DC: US Department of State, 1946-present. Official version of all international treaties and agreements after 1950. Dates of signature, ratification, implementation and official languages are included. These pamphlets are later cumulated by TIAS number in UST. At selected years. Pamphlet or "slip" form of treaties. Expect 8-10 year time lag before publication. Later the treaties will be published in the bound set UST.

UST (JX231 A34)
United States Treaties and other International Agreements. Washington, DC: US Department of State, 1950-present. Annual compilation of TIAS. Each volume has country and subject indexes. Treaties are in English and any other official languages. The official series for texts of United States Treaties. Expect a 10-20 year time lag before publication. Before publication in UST, treaties are available in TIAS.

STAT (KF50 U5)
Includes United States Statutes at Large. Washington, DC: US Government Printing Office, 1789-present. Official publication source for US treaties from 1778 to 1950. For the years 1778-1845 all treaties are to be found in volumes 7 and 8. After 1845, treaties are included in parts 2 or 3. Volume 64, part 3 (pages B1107-B1182) has a cumulative list of treaties contained in volumes 1-64, alphabetically arranged by country and topic. Also online.

BEVANS (JX236 1968 A5)
Treaties and other International Agreements of the United States of America 1776-1949. Compiled by Charles I. Bevans from Washington, DC: US Department of State, 1968-1976. Covers the time period before UST. Contains only the English text with commentary. Index in volume 13. Supersedes other two compilations, MILLER (JX236 1931) and MALLOY (JX236 1910).

Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America from 1776-1976. Compiled by Christian L. Wiktor. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., Oceana 1976-1981.
(JX236 1776 U56)
This is a full-text collection of almost 400 multilateral and bilateral treaties which have been signed on the part of the United States, or have been submitted to the Senate but, fore one or another reason, definitely failed to go into force.

US Senate
Senate Treaty Documents and Senate Executive Reports. (US Serial Set in print and online <IP access> and CIS Microfiche). MEDIA Center. The text of treaties transmitted to the Senate for its advice and consent are contained in Senate Treaty Documents (Senate Executive Documents until the 97th Congress, 1981). S.T. Documents are the only source for a treaty text when other sources, such as TIAS are not yet available. They are also a valuable source for treaty interpretation, as they are issued by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and contain the Committee’s analysis and recommendations concerning proposed treaties and agreements. Treaty Documents for the past 30 days can be found on the INTERNET through GPO Access

Hein's United States Treaties and Other International Agreements: Current Microfiche Service. Compiled by Igor I. Kavass and Mark A. Michael . Buffalo, NY: Hein, 1990-present. Also available as a CD-ROM. Full reproduction of US Treaties. Bi-monthly updating. Very useful for recent treaties, but also for older ones, as the database aims to cover, retrospectively, American treaties from 1776 to date. The service publishes treaties within eight weeks of receipt by Congress and includes both treaties requiring the advice and the consent of the Senate, and executive agreements not submitted to the Senate. Recent treaties are arranged by KAV number (i.e., temporary identification till a TIAS number is assigned). See also online Hein Treaties and Agreements Library.

Database in the International Law section of WESTLAW. Covers all the US Treaties from 1979 (TIAS No.10869) to date. Excellent source for very recent treaties and agreements. When a full text treaty citation is not available, at least the Senate Document is reproduced in full text.

CTIA (JX236 1990 U54)
Consolidated Treaties & International Agreements. Current Document Service: United States. Oceana, 1991-. Includes newly concluded treaties and agreements within ninety days of release or ratification. These documents are so current that TIAS numbers have not yet been assigned. Country index, list of multilateral agreements, topic index, and list of treaties cited in subsequent treaties are provided. The full text of the treaties are also available in Oceana’s TIARA CD-ROM. An online version is provided through LEXIS (INTLAW; TREATIES) although not under academic subscription. Oceana also has a Documents on Demand service via the website where over 8000 indexed US treaties can be found. Orders are accepted by phone or e-mail. Rates are posted on each treaty; special fees apply for faxing, e-mailing, etc.



CTS or PARRY (JX121 P26)
Consolidated Treaty Series. Ed. by Clive Parry. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana, 1969-1981. Includes the texts of world treaties, bilateral or multilateral, in their original languages in addition to any existing translations in English or French (1648-1919). Provides a party index and a chronological list.

LNTS (JX170 L4)
League of Nations Treaty Series. London: Harrison & Sons, 1920-1946. Contains treaties entered into by any member of the League of Nations from 1920-1945 in original languages plus French and English translations. General indexes cover volumes 1-193. Also online through the United Nations Treaty Collection Database.

UNTS (JX170 U35)
United Nations Treaty Series. New York: United Nations, 1946-present. Contains every treaty entered into by any member of the UN after the Charter came into force (October 24, 1945), in the original languages plus French and English translations. Indexes cover volumes 1 through 1000. Indexes to the sets are always very late. Also online.

Nouveau recueil general de traites. . . By Karl von Martens et al. Series 1, Leipzig: Dietrich, 1902; Series 2, Leipzig: Dietrich, 1910; Series 3, Leipzig: T. Weicher, 1922-75. This unique series covers treaties, agreements, and other public international law instruments from 1840 to 1969. Original text of treaties. Treaties are published in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. Indexes for each series. Very useful for detailed and in-depth research.

BSFP (JX103 A3)
British and Foreign State Papers. London: James Ridgway and Sons, 1841-1977. One hundred and seventy volumes available. Microforms in the GOLDING MEDIA CENTER. The set includes not only treaties but a lot of additional international legal material, such as diplomatic correspondence and exchanges of official notes between sovereign powers, from 1373 through 1974. Published by Great Britain’s Foreign Office. The overall index is also on microform.

OJ or JO
Official Journal of the European Communities. Luxembourg, 1958-present. The Official Journal is the authoritative source for the text of all the treaties. Treaties are to be found in section L (legislation). Available in LEXIS (CELEX) and on the INTERNET (password required).

ETS (NYUL KE-E3 L34 3C67 E7)
European Treaty Series. Strasbourg: Council of Europe, 1949-present. These treaties concluded within the Council of Europe are periodically compiled and appear in bound form as European Conventions/Agreements. Also useful for updating current status of treaties. European Community (Union) Treaties are also available online in LEXIS (Library: INTLAW; File: ECTY) and on the INTERNET in CELEX (ask for librarian’s assistance since the access to the service requires a password). CELEX, which is the official database of the European Union, is also available in LEXIS (INTLAW & EUROCOM libraries).

ILM (JX27 A5 I5)
International Legal Materials. Washington, DC: American Society of International Law, 1962-present. This excellent bi-monthly publication provides the texts of selected current treaties. The November issue has an annual index. Available also online in WESTLAW in the International Section, ILM and LEXIS international agreements are in the INTLAW library, file: ILMTY, starting 1980.

UKTS or TS (JX631 A1 G63)
United Kingdom Treaty Series. London: HMSO, 1892-present. United Kingdom treaties from 1892 to present. Annual and cumulative indexes.




Treaties in Force A List of Treaties and Other International Agreements in Force on January 1
(JX236 1929C--Reference and Reserve) Washington, DC: US G.P.O., 1956-present. Annual publication. Indexes both bilateral and multilateral treaties of the US Full citation to published text. Updated by the Department of State Bulletin. Between1990-1999 use The Dispatch (JX232 A352). From 1999 to present go to The Office of the Legal Adviser and click on Treaty Actions.

United States Treaty Index: 1776-1990 Consolidation (JX231 K395 - REFERENCE) General Editor, I. Kavass. Buffalo, NY: Hein, 1991. This is a bound, cumulative edition that incorporates and expands five older indexes. Also see the online catalog, under Kavass. Includes: treaty number, subject, country, short-title, description, signing date, sources, amending and extending information, in force information, and elements of legislative history.

United States Treaty Index (JX231 K395--REFERENCE) Compiled by I. Kavass and A. Sprudzs. Buffalo, NY: Hein 1990-present. Updates the United States Treaty Index. It is the result of a merger between two other previous publications, Current Treaty Index and US International Treaties Today: Unpublished and Unnumbered Treaties Index.



Multilateral Treaties Deposited With the Secretary General (JX1977 A2 ST.LEG.SER.E- -Reference and Reserve). New York: United Nations, 1968-present. Also online. The site may be used as an index, the same way Treaties in Force is used for American Treaties. An Annual publication. Previously published as Multilateral Treaties in Respect of Which the Secretary-General Has Depository Functions (1967-1979). It provides information about treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, as well as about those deposited with the League of Nations that were transferred to the custody of the UN

Pre-UN treaties that were amended by UN protocols are also included. Part I covers UN multilateral treaties and is arranged by topic. Within each topic, treaties are arranged chronologically. Part II covers the League of Nations treaties in chronological order. Citation to the treaty text in the UNTS and the UN document number are given. In addition, the full-text of individual country reservations and declarations are provided. Lately has became available via the Internet. The Internet version is up to date and provides a free registration. The index is supplemented by Statement of Treaties and International Agreements Registered or Filed With the Secretariat, a monthly publication.

Statement of Treaties and other international agreements registered or filed with the Secretariat. (JX170 U348 S7). New York: United Nations, 1950-present. Not only updates Multilateral Treaties but also includes those agreements not published in the UNTS.

Bowman & Harris. Multilateral Treaties: Index and Current Status(JX151 B68 1984--REFERENCE) Nottingham: University of Nottingham Treaty Centre, 1984-present. Not exhaustive, but very comprehensive. Location, parties, signatories, reservations, and bibliographical notes. Annual supplement ceased in 1995.

Multilateral Treaty Calendar/Repertoire des traites multilateraux 1648-1995 (KZ118 .W55 1998--REFERENCE) Compiled by Christian L. Wiktor. The Hague; Boston; London: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 1998. This calendar is a reference tool focusing on multilateral treaties. It covers a period of almost 350 years of multilateral diplomacy, from the Peace of Westphalia of 1648 to the end of 1995. It lists chronologically all the multilateral treaties concluded that period, provides information on the location of their original text in various collections with parallel citations, adds data on duration, depository agreements and status, and provide extensive notes on their amendment, modification, extension, termination and other details. Excellent appendices listing International Organizations, the GATT Agreements, the ILO Conventions and glossary. Information in English and French subject headings.

World Treaty Index. (JX171 R64 W6 1983 REFERENCE). Edited by Peter H. Rohn. 2nd edition. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO Press, Inc., 1983-1984. Multiple access points to treaties from 1900 to 1980: keyword, parties, date, subject indexes. The best source to identify bilateral treaties.

Index-guide to Treaties: Based on the Consolidated Treaty Series. (JX121 P26 Index). Ed. and annotated by Clive Parry. Dobbs Ferry, NY: Oceana, 1979-1986. Excellent tool to access the CTS. Seven volumes of chronological index and five volumes of party index.

Index of British Treaties 1101-1968. (JX631 A1 G63P). Compiled and annotated by Clive Parry and Ch. Hopkins. London: Her Majesty's Stationary Office, 1970. This index, in four volumes, covers all the British multilateral treaties, indexed by subject and bilateral, indexed by country and by subject. Volume 2 and 3 provide a chronological list of treaties.




Congressional Index. (KF49 .C6- RESERVE and GOLDING MEDIA CENTER) Commerce Clearing House, 1937-present. Information on the status of agreements awaiting action by Congress.

CIS/Index to Publications of the United States Congress. (NYUL KA-A 29--RESERVE AND GOLDING MEDIA CENTER) Bethesda, MD: Congressional Information Service, 1970-present. Also available on CD-ROM, see Media Center. Senate Executive Reports and Senate Documents are indexed.

US Department of State Dispatch (JX232 A352) Formerly Department of State Bulletin, 1939-1989. Washington, DC: G.P.O., 1990-present. Monthly column reviews all bilateral and multilateral treaty activity.

Treaties in Force (JX236 1929C)--See indexes, supra.

A Guide to the Unites States Treaties in Force. (JX231 G84) Compiled by Igor I. Kavass. Buffalo, NY: Hein, 1982-present. This annual publication is issued in two parts: Vol.1 has a numerical list and a subject reference index covering all the treaties listed in Treaties in Force. There is also an appendix providing information on changes made in US treaty law during the year, listing deletions and additions to the latest Treaties in Force. Volume 2 is divided in three parts: numerical guide, chronological guide and parties guide. Citations to published texts of treaties are given in the numerical guide section. The guide has a semi-annual supplement updating the information in the main volumes and providing, among other useful information (parties, official title, date of entry into force, subject) a KAV number, and, if appropriate, a citation to the Hein's Microfiche Service.

Shepard's United States Citations: Statutes (NYUL KA-A 6S52) Colorado Springs: Shepard's Citations, 1968-. Treaties published in STAT until 1950 can be shepardized by the date of the treaty. Treaties published in the UST volumes can be shepardized by volume and page.

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents (NYUL KA-A 51 W33). Includes statements, proclamations and executive orders.

Legislative Calendar (NYUL KA-A 181S L3) US Congress. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. Includes complete status tables on treaties pending in the US Congress. It is cumulative and published once per congressional session.

Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications. Washington, DC: G.P.O., 1895-present. Indexes Senate Executive Reports and new treaties published as TIAS.

* Assistant Legal Adviser for Treaty Affairs. US Dept. of State, Room 5420, 2201 C St., N.W., Washington, DC 20520. Tel. (202)647-2044.



Bowman & Harris. (JX151 B68 1984) See indexes, supra. Part B of the supplement gives full status information.

International Legal Materials. (JX27 A5 I5) See full text sources, supra. Special section on treaty status.

Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary-General (JX1977 A2 ST.LEG.SER.E) New York: United Nations, 1968-present. Also online. Provides information on treaty activity for those items deposited with the Secretary General. Texts of reservations and declarations. UN document number. An annual publication.

Statement of Treaties and Other International Agreements Registered or Filed with the Secretariat. (JX170 U348 S7) New York: United Nations, 1950-present. This publication provides the listing of all agreements registered or filed with the UN Secretariat, included or not in the UNTS.

* United Nations Treaty Section. Room 3200 United Nations Secretariat. New York, NY 10017. Tel. (212)963-7958.

* United Nations Computer Room (212)963-2525 ext. 7958.

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