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  2. Internet full-text
  3. Indexes to find articles on a topic or to complete a citation


In NYU Law Library, all law reviews, journals and other periodicals ("journals") are shelved by call number, not alphabetically.

  • To get the call number and location, search the JULIUS catalog, at http://julius.law.nyu.edu, by the journal title, e.g. "Yale Law Journal," not by the title of the article.
  • Generic law reviews (i.e., those journals not dedicated to a specific topic) are assigned Library of Congress call numbers beginning K1 through K29, and are shelved in the Bound Periodicals room on the Balcony under Sullivan Street.
  • The vast majority of other journals, usually ones dedicated to a specific topic or area of law, are assigned Library of Congress call numbers other than K1-K29, and are shelved in Bound Periodicals 2, located on the B1 level. 
  • Recent, unbound (paperback) issues of all journals are shelved in B2 South, at the same call number as the bound volumes.


Full-text journals online generally exist in one of two formats, and sometimes both:

  • Image formats, such as PDF, are exact copies of the original with page numbering and graphics. For cite-checking, PDF copies, just like microforms, are accepted as legitimate substitutes for the original.
  • Html versions like WESTLAW and Lexis/Nexis provide the full text and hyperlinks to cases, statutes, and other documents cited in the article, but may lack page numbering and graphics. (Both services are beginning to offer selected primary sources in PDF format; secondary sources may eventually follow.)

To find full-text journals online, you have several options:

  • From the Law Library Web page: click on Journal Titles (incl. ejournals). In the dialogue box, type all or part of the name of the journal you need, or its ISSN. This search will provide you with the following information:

         • Julius Law Holdings, if the law library subscribes to the print version of the journal;
         • Links to electronic journals available via Law Library subscriptions;
         • Links to electronic journals available via Bobst Library subscriptions.

    With one search, you can now determine if a journal is received by the Law Library in paper or electronic format, as well as whether Bobst Library receives the journal in electronic format. The only thing this search will not tell you is whether the journal is received in paper format by Bobst. To determine whether Bobst Library receives a journal in paper format, search for the title of the journal in Bobcat, Bobst Library's online catalog.

    This powerful tool obviates the need to search different databases, such as HeinOnline, JSTOR, or ProQuest, individually.

  • Conversely, when you search JULIUS for a journal title, our online subscriptions to that journal will also appear in the record. The JULIUS record for The Yale Law Journal [Electronic Resource], for example, shows that it is available electronically from ABI/INFORM Global, ProQuest, Hein, and JSTOR. However, the dates of inclusion differ from database to database.
  • LexisNexis and WESTLAW

         • LexisNexis and WESTLAW. The LexisNexis LAWREV library and the WESTLAW JLR database contain hundreds of law reviews, bar journals and other journals in full text. These periodicals can be searched as a group, individually, by topic, or by jurisdiction. There are separate files for newspapers, including some foreign newspapers.

         • TIP: For sources not covered in the Bluebook or the style manual that you are using, and for hard-to-locate articles, use any information that you have (title, author, date, subject, etc.) and run a search in an online full-text journal database such as the WESTLAW JLR database or the LexisNexis LAWREV library. Look for another article that has already cited your source. This is a way to get additional bibliographic detail, a hint about where or when the article was published, and a sample citation format for the journal.

  • HeinOnline's Law Journal Library, available from the Indexes and Databases page, contains about 500 law reviews in PDF format, from the inception date of each publication. Individual journals, or the entire collection, are fully searchable by author or word in title, or keyword or phrase in full text.


Library catalogs generally do not list individual articles in journals, law reviews, newspapers, and other periodicals. Use indexes to identify articles on a topic, or to fill in incomplete citations. Indexes complement WESTLAW and LexisNexis because, although indexes do not have full-text articles, they cover many more journals than WESTLAW and LexisNexis. Here are a few:

  • Index to Legal Periodicals and Books (ILP): WilsonWeb, the online version, provides direct links to articles, some of which are in PDF format. Also available in WESTLAW, LexisNexis, and in paper (Furman Hall NYUL K9 I5). The paper version is useful for research in periodicals older than about 1980. (But see HeinOnline, supra.)
  • Legal Resource Index (LRI)
    Available in LexisNexis and WESTLAW.
  • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP)
    Also available in paper in B1, at call number K33.I38.
  • Many of the online full-text services that provide our ejournals can also be used as indexes. Search by keyword, author, or title. These services, as well as indexes, are listed on the library's Indexes and Databases page under:
    >Finding Articles and
    >Non-Legal Databases Available through Bobst Library.

What if the library does not have the journal you need?

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