The Netherlands

A fee-based and full-text database providing information about the process before a law is passed. Contains legislation from the Hansards of the Houses of Parliament. The library doesn't have a subscription.  See the library's collection policy.
Contains full-text of laws and the Official Gazette from 1995 (Staatsblat) as well as Treaty Series (Tractatenblad) in the vernacular. 
An excellent source for laws, cases, and administrative decisions. This is the official Dutch judiciary site. The database is the electronic information desk through which the judicial authorities inform citizens, the academic community and the press about important court rulings, topical matters, and additional functions of the judiciary. Services expanded with Mijn Rechtspraak (My Judiciary) that gives the user the ability to receive faster overviews rulings. Vernacular.This service is free. An English interface was added.

Government and Politics
Contains links to Government and Political sites in The Netherlands.

Justice Department

Supreme Court

Researching Dutch Law by Oswald Jansen and George Middeldorp