Swiss Federal Supreme Court Decisions
Decisions from 1975 to the present in German, French and Italian. Official citation and pagination as well as a full-text search is available.

Swiss Criminal Code
There is an English translation of selected 160 articles relevant to business prepared by the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (2nd ed. 2008, ISBN 978-3-7255-5717-2). The entire official text can be found in French, German, and Italian for free. As some articles have been revised in 2008 and 2009 please check Chronologie and/or Modifications / Abrogations.

Schweizerische Zeitschrift f├╝rStrafrecht = Revue Penale Suisse/online
IP access. Articles and cases from all courts.

Systematische Sammlung des Bundesrechts --Recueil Systematique du Droit Federal
Systematic compendium of Swiss federal law
. Official site of the Swiss Government. Planned to contain all federal laws with a search engine searching by law number. Currently, free of charge. Texts can be viewed in html format or in pdf format, readable with acrobat reader. The database contains the Constitution, laws, and ordinances in French, German, and Italian.

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

The Swiss Parliament
Current Session's Tentative version of the Official Bulletin. Also includes bilateral treaties with EU. It contains the Swiss Federal Code and an overview over all Swiss parliamentary and executive institutions.

Swisslex has extensive full-text Swiss case law and legislation at the federal and canton level, an extensive list of law journals, and legal commentary searchable by keyword and fields. Includes materials in German and French. Get the password.

The newsletter of the Coordinating Office for Electronic Publication of Legal Information, the Federal Chancellery. Excellent for all new developments of Swiss law and jurisprudence.

The Swiss Legal System and Research by Gregory M. Bovey
Introduction to the Swiss Legal System: A Guide for Foreign Researchers by Fridolin M.R. Walther