Legalis provides access to primary and secondary legal materials of Romania: consolidated laws of Romania (from 1990- ); decrees; acts; cases from supreme, appellate, and lower courts; legal news; doctrine (commentaries), and legal journals. Updated daily. Get the password.

Full text database of Romanian Legislation. A combination of fee-based and free of charge. Selective Acts of the Supreme Court of Justice, a list of repealed acts, rules, and regulations as being published in the Official Journal, Monitorul Oficial. Codes and laws from 1998 to the present are available. Vernacular and a selective interface with laws in English. User registration required.

The database has an English interface.

Contains the LegeStart service. It provides more than 37000 documents in full-text: laws, decrees, regulations. A combination of fee-based and free access. Vernacular.
A continuously expanding legal portal in English and Romanian. Contains links to primary and secondary materials in both languages. It provides legal advice online from experienced lawyers on issues such as adoption, property, etc.

The Ministry of Justice
Its Portal LexExpert contains laws from 1863 to present and jurisprudence (cases) by courts (Constitutional Court, city courts, regional courts, etc) and by topics of law in the vernacular.

Database searchable in English and Romanian. Index to the legislation published in the Official Journal Monitorul Oficial.

State Office for Inventions and Trademarks
Search over 30 million patent documents.

Performing Legal Research: the Moldovan Experience by Svetlana Andritchi and Mariana Harjevschi
Doing Legal Research in Romania by Dana Neacsu