The Knesset
Selected Parliament Acts. The Existing Basic Laws and Summary of the Laws. Full texts of Basic Laws that are in the Process of Enactment.

Israeli Supreme Court
Cases in Hebrew and English.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Treaties, bilateral agreements.

Takdin: Israel's Prime Legal Database
Provides access to case laws and legislations mainly in Hebrew. However, in many cases a court verdict or legislation might include a citation from a law or ruling in English. Complete access available to users from Law School community only. Indexes available for free. Provides updates to related CD-ROM resource: Takdin: ha-taklitor ha-mishpati ha-mitkadem.(Look in Julius, the Library's catalog for location).

Technolawgy. COM
Contains primary and secondary sources related to Israel's Hi-Tech legal issues in English and Hebrew. The database is maintained by the law firm of Eitan, Pearl, Latzer & Cohen-Zedek.

A Guide to Legal Research in Israel by Michal Tamir