JurisClasseur Lexis/Nexis
LexisNexis Editions du Juris-Classeur. The Library does not have a subscription. See the library's collection policy.

Base Pacte
Contains all French multilateral and bilateral treaties and agreements in French.

Conseil Constitutionnel
See full text Decisions du Conseil Constitutionnel (Constitutional Council) as well as the doctrine involved. Constitutional cases in English in relevant areas such as treaties and international agreements, EU, abortion, human rights, etc.

An index to French legal literature prepared by the law firms of Berlioz, Shearman & Sterling. It offers both CD-ROM and Internet access. The library has a subscription to the Internet version.

Database of codes, legal journals, encyclopedias, legal commentaries, cases (all courts). The Dalloz Jurisprudence, the codes, legal journals (Recueil Dalloz from 1990-, AJDA, Recueil Lebon etc) and the repertoires are linked to the chosen subject and open to subscribers. The Encyclopédie Juridique Dalloz contains eleven Répertoires (Encyclopédie des collectivités locales, Répertoire de contentieux administrative, Répertoire de droit civil, Répertoire de droit commercial, Répertoire de droit des sociétés, Répertoire de droit du travail, Répertoire de droit immobilier, Répertoire de droit pénal et de procédure pénale, Répertoire de la responsabilité de la puissance publique, Répertoire de procédure civile). Our library subscribed to four subjects of law out of six: civil law, administrative law, penal law, international law (droit civil, droit administratif, droit pénal, droit des affaires; we did not subscribe to droit immobilier and droit sociale). Encyclopedias are frequently used by practitioners and scholars. They are of a high scholarly quality in that all the articles have been written by renowned judges, scholars, or practitioners. The library has a subscription. Get the password.

Gazette du Palais l'actualite du droit
La compilation de toutes les Actus des Revues de l'année 1999; les Arrêts des Cahiers sociaux; Actu des Revues, un nouveau service de la rédaction de la Gazette du Palais; les numéros du "Fil du net". Fil du Net publishes legislative news with links to the original documents.

Le Journaux officiels
Sommaires Analytiques for the last five days. The site makes available a graphic reproduction of the Lois and Decretes (TIFF images). From 1998 Journal Officiel could be found in Legifrance.Try also Recherches dans le Journal Officiel de la République Française .

An index to daily changes to the laws. Includes French legal news. It provides cyberspace laws in French for the Canadian and French jurisdictions. Cases summaries (French and Canadian) pertaining to the law of the Internet. An online journal about the laws of the electronic environment is Lex Electronica (in French and English).

See also www.legalis.net -Protection des droits de propriété intellectuelle, contrefaçons, règlement des litiges et arbitrage sur Internet (copyright issues).

The governmental portal to French law on the Internet, with a very user-friendly access to the legislation, regulations and case law, directly or through many links to other public websites such as the Parliament, the Court of Appeal or the State Council. Translations of French acts is one of the features of Legifrance. At the beginning, thirty codes are offered in English and in Spanish; many other translated codes and statutes will follow. The fee-based Jurifrance was integrated in the free-of-charge Legifrance.

Lexbase, l'editeur juridique
Sur ce site, sont gratuites les infos concernant :- vos recherches, y compris les fiches réponses contenant l'énonce des règles qui s'appliquent au cas que vous envisagez; - les Codes, lois et décrets contenus dans la base;- toutes les recherches effectuées avec le numéro LxB. Free codes and jurisprudence. See also Droit.org portail du droit français- un projet mixte, moitié associatif, moitié universitaire. Les ressources techniques sont fournies par le centre de recherches de l'Ecole nationale supérieure des Mines de Paris.

Ministry of Justice
Database contains all legal news and has an excellent legal dictionary. (glossaire juridique).

Administrative database. The official gateway to the French civil service. The site has practical guides classified by theme, a civil service directory and public web sites directories, links to texts of laws, and public reports. Interfaces in German, English, and Spanish.

IATE InterActive Terminology for Europe
How do you address/call, for example, in France what we call here "a law clerk"? The equivalent for "Law Clerk" depends from his educational level and you can find here the terminology:
- A student (intern) will be called an "Assistant de justice"
- A legal professional (older, but already in charge) will be called a "référendaire" (especially in the Court of Cassation, in the European Court of Justice, and also in Belgium)
- An exception for the Parliament, MP have "Assistant parlementaire" (generally young people) etc.

IP access. Contains Legislative and Regulatory Codes, Collective Bargaining Agreements and Caselaw.

Researching French Law by Stéphane Cottin and Jérôme Rabenou
French Law on the Internet - The Basics and Free Resources by Emmanuel Barthe
Introduction to French Law by Claire M. Germain
Guides Cujas - Les sources juridiques électroniques; Guide des sources juridiques: législation, jurisprudence, doctrine (support imprimé)