LexML Brasil
The Portal of Legislative and Legal Information Network provides an immediate access to the several sources of Brazilian legislative and juridical information.

Camara dos Deputados
Legislative branch as Senado Federal (Federal Senate). Free access.

Codes and laws in vernacular.

The best portal to access Brazilian legislation, cases, legislative news.

Ministerio Publico do Estado
Codes and Jurisprudence.

Presidência da República Federativa do Brasil
Brazilian executive branch. Free. Links to federal Brazilian legislation.

Senate. Current legislation
With a built in Thesaurus - WEBTHES helping to find equivalents to legal terms/concepts.

IP access. Contains Codes, the Official Gazzete, a large case law database, and a growing collection of secondary materials.

Brazilian Search Engines:
Miner http://miner.bol.com.br/index.html
Radar UOL http://www.radaruol.com.br/
Cadê http://www.cade.com.br/
Achei http://www.achei.com.br/

Legal Information Databases:

Doing Legal Research in Brazil by Edilenice Passos

Articles and news:
Expresso da Noticia
This brazilian legal website provides news on litigation about Brazil's property law, commercial law, constitutional law, cyberespace law, criminal law, legal practice ethics, environmental law, Human & Constitutional Rights, labor law, family law and tax laws. Topics include cases, legislation, articles and jurisprudence, as well as, legal news items on Brazil and information about legal practice in the country, sentences from the Brazilian Supreme Courts and Tribunal courts, news about journalism (in portuguese) and links to newspapers, news agencies, etc. Link s to legal search engines, like Legalmania (Argentina), BuscaLaw (Argentina), Jurismaster.com (Venezuela), Porticolegal (Spanish) and Verbo Jurídico (Portugal).

Mundo Juridico
Free website with juridical news, and legal literature. Go to Doutrina for articles on different topics of law.