Full text of Hansards of both chambers since 1995 in Dutch and French.

Access to Senate documents in French and Dutch and to the Chamber of Representatives.

Cour de CassationSupreme Court and other domestic courts
Summaries of rulings from 1964 to the present and full-text of rulings from 1990. Rulings are in French or Dutch, according to the language used in the procedure, and posted 2 weeks after their public reading. Links to the Official Gazette and legislation (searchable).

Justel, Judoc, E-justice, Juridat
Full-text databases of laws and cases. Can be reached via - the official website of the Belgian Courts; www.just.fgov.bethe website of the Federal Justice Department; and www.cass.bethe Supreme Court.

Official GazetteStaatsbladMoniteur Belge
Published daily on the website of the Federal Justice Department (formerly the Ministry of Justice).

Supreme Administrative Court of Belgium
Full text of the Supreme Administrative Court decrees and case laws since 1994 in Dutch and French.

A consortium of libraries and information centers, cooperating on technological and organizational issues. Its mission is to support the participating libraries in their library management and in the services they provide for their patrons. Libis' team is representing the library of the KULeuven.

Contains an exhaustive caselaw database (all cases, including minor courts), codes ("legislation consolidé"), the official gazette and 40 secondary sources.

Research Guide to Belgian Law by Christoph Malliet