ALEX Online
The Austrian law digitization project. Historische Rechts- und Gesetzestexte Online. See Das Deutsches Reichsgesetzblatt - Teil 1 (Inneres), Teil 2 (Äußeres) (1922-1944).

Austrian Parliament
Laws, government drafts, and amendments.

The Constitutional Court
Verfassungsgerichtshof database. Constitutional Court decisions and Administrative Court decisions can be also found at the RIS database.

Republic Oesterreich Bundeskanzleramt - Rechtsinformatiossystem - RIS
Republic of Austria - Office of the Federal Chancellor - Legal Information System. Published by the Austrian Government. Official site with full text of laws and decisions in the vernacular, but no official pagination. It provides federal law, law of the individual states, Parliamentary materials and Constitutional and Administrative Court decisions in the vernacular. RIS offers former versions of laws: fill in the wanted date in the field "Fassung vom."

RDB Die Rechtsdatenbank
A fee-based database providing full texts of laws, codes, decisions of all supreme courts and appellate courts, and legal literature. This unique feature makes RDB essential for legal research in any domain of Austria's law.The library doesn't have a subscription. See the library's collection policy.

Portal Rechtsfreund
Provides links to all fields of law, legal issues, a selection of model contracts, and the most important latest law books. In addition, the website provides extensive information on Austrian Law in English.

Österreichisches Steuerrecht
Links to the tax decisions of the ECJ, and also to the German courts.

The Austrian Legal System and Laws: a Brief Overview by Johannes Oehlboeck and Immanuel Gerstner
Österreichische Quellen by Gudrun Shwarz