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The LIIs: Global (WorldLII), Asia (AsianLII), Commonwealth (CommonLII), Australasia (AustLII), Britian & Ireland (BAILII), Canada (CanLII), Cyprus (CYLAW), Hong Kong (HKLII), New Zealand (NZLII), Pacific Islands (PacLII), SAFLII (The Southern African Legal Information Institute), USA (Cornell LII), Zambia (ZamLII), Sub-Saharan African Governments Search Engine, The Legal Information Institute of India (LII of India)

For issues of the journal, click on Numéros. An electronic journal, in French offering the table of contents for free, focuses on African legal issues. One of its links brings to the Journal of African Law (fee-based) published by the Cambridge Journals Online; Journal Officiel de la République de Djibouti and many other legal documents from other countries from Africa. Full text articles comment on laws, and cases from African countries. The main portal to African information is Habari.

Asian Law Centre Bibliographic Database
At Melbourne University.

Asian Legal Information Institute (AsianLII)
AsianLII includes at launch 101 databases from 22 of the 27 Asian countries, from Mongolia in the north to Timor in the south, Japan in the east to Pakistan in the west. It includes about 150,000 full text cases, and over 15,000 items of legislation, plus law reform reports, a few law journals, and other materials. All of this content may be searched simultaneously. Some of the larger collections are from the Philippines, India, and (for legislation) Timor-Leste and Vietnam. AsianLII also includes 14 Hong Kong databases from HKLII, and 9 Papua-New Guinea databases from PacLII. See the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) | Bangladesh | China | India | Japan | Korea (North) |Korea (South) | Philippines

Asian and Pacific Guides to Internet Databases
In order to search look under publications for Asian Studies World Wide Web Virtual Library, Indonesia, Papua, Vietnam.

Center for Research Libraries
CRL is an international not-for-profit consortium of colleges, universities, and libraries that makes available scholarly research resources to users everywhere. CRL is governed by the major research libraries of North America. Area Studies Programs at the CRL shows projects for all regions of the world, cross-regional projects providing resources for international preservation and foreign microfilming efforts. For delivery, see document delivery fees.

Cases and materials in the fields of constitutional, administrative, contract and tort law.
The English translations of legal decisions include cases from the Bundesverfassungsgericht, the Bundesgerichtshof, the Conseil Constitutionnel, the Conseil d’Etat and the Cour de Cassation.

CommonLII allows browsing and searching of 464 databases from
50 Commonwealth and common law countries and territories. CommonLII contains 44 databases from 28 additional countries. More databases are under development. There is a Catalog of law websites for all Commonwealth countries. Collections on CommonLII include those from India (very extensive), from Singapore and Malaysia, from most Caribbean countries, and from ten African countries. It is also possible to search Commonwealth-wide for legislation (from 30 countries), or case law or law reform.

Constitutions of the Countries of the World
Browse or keyword search constitutions and related documents of 192 countries. Set your search domain for one country or any combination of your choosing. Or select the pre-set geographic, political, and economic groupings. Introductory and Comparative Notes for each constitution examine recent amendments and add insight into pertinent historical, political, and economic influences. IP access.

Constitutional Library on HeinOnline: World Constitutions Illustrated
Contemporary & Historical Documents & Resources

It is of interest to constitutional law scholars and for comparative constitutional law research. It includes British and Foreign State Papers, foreign constitutional texts, constitutional law journals and treatises, a bibliography.

Doing Business Law Library at the World Bank
The largest free online collection of foreign business laws and regulations (banking and credit laws, civil procedure codes, bankruptcy and collaterals laws, commercial and company laws, labor laws, constitutions, etc). See also World Bank eLibrary. Contains over 1,200 World Bank titles, searchable by keywords, title, and author: Electronic books, Electronic indexes, Economics, International relations.

Foreign Law Guide Current Sources of Codes and Basic Legislation in Jurisdictions of the World by Thomas H. Reynolds and Arturo A. Flores. It contains information on nearly 200 jurisdictions from major nations to crown colonies, semi-independent states and supra-national regional organizations. The work is comprehensive in content and global in scope and contains exhaustive links within the work and to many URLs on the world level. IP access.

Foreign and International Supreme Court Decisions
The database provides information from 42 countries. It is prepared at Moss City Court in Norway.

Free Law Journal Article Databases
Google Scholar: indexes/crawls journal articles in HeinOnline and JSTOR; Legal Scholarship Network; Law Commons (Digital Commons’ law school institutional repositories);

An electronic legal publication dedicated to international and foreign law research. Published by the Hauser Global Law School Program at NYU School of Law, GlobaLex is committed to the dissemination of high-level international, foreign, and comparative law research tools in order to accommodate the needs of an increasingly global educational and practicing legal world.

The Global Legal Information Network (GLIN) (Website under construction)
This is a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations. These GLIN members contribute the full texts of their published documents to the database in their original languages. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and, in many cases in additional languages, plus subject terms selected from the multilingual index to GLIN. All summaries are available to the public, and public access to full texts is also available for most jurisdictions.

Global Legal Monitor at the Law Library of Congress
The Global Legal Monitor, an electronic publication of the Law Library of Congress, is intended for those who have an interest in legal developments from around the world. This online publication will be updated frequently, drawing upon information selected from the Global Legal Information Network, official national legal publications, and reliable press sources.

Global Newsbank
1996-Current. Articles cover politics, economics, culture, business, science, technology, and the environment from Africa, Asia, Europe, the former Soviet Union, the Pacific Rim, Central and South America, and the Middle East. All articles are in English and are from translated broadcasts, news agency transmissions, wire services, newspapers, magazines, and government documents.

A cross-jurisdictional, searchable data base of indexed case studies in the field of regulation.

Government Gazettes Online
University of Michigan School of Information. The official gazettes are listed by country. Extensive annotations include the title, URL, price, language, frequency, time coverage, and contents. See also Official Gazettes with links to official gazettes from Europe, North America and Latin America, and the European Forum of Official Gazettes.

The GLIN Home Page
The Law Library of Congress Global Legal Information Network. This site is prepared by the US Law Library of Congress. It includes an annotated hypertext guide to sources of information worldwide on government and law available online without charge. See also Portals to the World and Guide to Law Online.

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Citation (GFILC)
A product of NYU Journal of International Law and Politics.

IEL Labour Law and Industrial Relations Online
IEL Labour Law online is the searchable PDF version of the looseleaf International Encyclopaedia for Labour Law and Industrial Relations (Kluwer Law International). Please note that the library copy of the print looseleaf is no longer updated. The database is updated monthly. Organized into subject monographs covering international cases, international bodies such as the NAFTA and the ILO, and national laws, IEL Labour Law online also provides selected laws in English translation from over 20 nations.

International Law in Domestic Courts
A regularly updated repository of domestic cases in international law from over 60 jurisdictions. The cases are selected by local reporters in conjunction with our editorial board and feature expert commentary, full texts of judgments in their original language and translations of key passages of non-English judgments into English. IP access.

International Law Reports
In Justis. IP access. The path to turn on Intl Law Reports: On the opening Justis page click "Continue to Justis" in the sign-in box. Click "Cases" in the Search-In box, then click Data Source to the right of the search form. Open "All Cases" and choose International Law Reports. International Law Reports is the only publication in the world wholly devoted to the regular and systematic reporting in English of decisions of international courts and arbitrators as well as judgments of national courts.

International free access citator
AustLII's new LawCite citator, an international free access case citator. There are over two million cases for which LawCite holds citation records at present. This number is expected to increase very significantly as LawCite develops. It also includes early development of a law journal article citator, tracking citations of journal articles in both cases and other articles. LawCite is constructed solely by automated means, by the extraction of citation information from the content of legal information institutes, available through the cooperation of the Free Access to Law Movement. It is an international citator, provides citation records for cases decided by courts in at least 50 countries (though with considerably varying coverage). It therefore also includes numerous citations of cases by courts in jurisdictions other than the one in which the case was decided. Lawcite does not include editorial judgments of whether a case was distinguished, reversed, etc by subsequent cases. It concentrates on demonstrating the patterns of case citation, and also provides parallel citations for cases.

Islamic and Middle Eastern Law at the University of London
Covers primary sources, commentaries, legal rulings, and suggested readings.

Islamic Law via International Journal of Legal Information
You can get it for free from HeinOnline, volume 31, pages 323-398 (2003) of the IJLI. Law of the Islamic World -- IALL 21st Course on International Law Librarianship. Papers and presentations: Scenes from a Ramallah Law School; An Introduction to Law of the Islamic World; A Century of Milestones of Non-Muslim Islamic Law Scholarship; Harvard Law School Library Collections & Services Related to Law of the Islamic World.

International encyclopedia for labour law and industrial relations
Edited by Prof. R. Blanpain (University of Leuven, Belgium). IP access.This is the online version of the 36 -volume looseleaf: International Encyclopaedia of Industrial Labour Law and Industrial Relations. It features: Country overviews of over 60 countries; English translations of the important labour and industrial relations laws of over 20 nations; Covers individual as well as collective labour relations; Covers major international bodies such as NAFTA and OECD; Searchable pdfs. It contains also international monographs and national monographs.

The International Monetary Fund publishes a vast amount of information on its own activities and policies, as well as on its 186 member countries. Most of the Fund's recent publications can be searched here and viewed in PDF format. The collection of books, periodicals, working papers, and country reports will continue to grow as both new material and older files are added.

Juricaf is a Francophone database for researching case law into 42 countries.Developped with the help of the International Organisation of la Francophonie, Juricaf has for objective to help Supreme Courts in Africa to publish their caselaw.

JuriglobeWorld Legal Systems
JuriGlobe is a research group formed by professors from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa, which focuses on the development of a multilingual information data bank, accessible to all on the internet, containing general information relating to the different legal systems in the world, to the different official languages and to some of the most important international commercial conventions, as well as other multilateral commercial tools.

Kluwer Law International
IP access. IEL Civil Procedure; IEL Constitutional Law; IEL Contracts; IEL Energy Law; IEL Environmental; Law IEL Family and Succession Law; IEL Intellectual Property; IEL Labour Law; IEL Social Security. The Civil Procedure volumes of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provide in-depth descriptions and analysis of numerous domestic systems, guiding lawyers of differing legal backgrounds through foreign proceedings. National monographs describe the main features of each country’s judicial organization, the rules governing the jurisdiction of the courts, the actual court proceedings, the rules of evidence, the principles governing preliminary seizure and the enforcement of judgments, and some elements of national arbitration. In addition, a forthcoming EU monograph analyses the Regulation 44/2001, as well as the Conventions of Lugano and San Sebastian. An international monograph will deal with international multilateral treaties. Each monograph follows a uniform structure and includes information on the political and legal system of the country and comprehensively analysis of relevant procedural law legislation and practice. A subject index at the end of each monograph provides a useful and timesaving reference aid; a detailed topical table of contents for each monograph facilitates country-to-country and subject-to-subject comparison.

The virtual legal library that compiles the most important legislation of Latin America in one single place, allowing direct access to legislation, free of charge to the user. In this Web Site you will find the principal laws, codes and decrees of 20 Latin American countries, in addition to important specialty legislation, sample arbitration clauses, market and business guides, and other important information about each of the countries in Latin America.

Latin American and Caribbean Government Documents Project at Cornell University
This project organizes and describes many Latin American official documents on the Internet, including Executive and Ministerial documents, National Legislative Documents, National Judicial Documents, Sub-national Documents), LANIC -The Institute of Latin American Studies and UT-LANIC-The University of Texas Latin American Network Information Center as well as a link to the Political Database of the Americas at Georgetown University.

Legal Gazettes in Europe
European Union; EU candidate countries; European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries; EU potential candidate countries.
Liste des journaux officiels

A free-of-charge legislative database maintained by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights. Its purpose is to assist lawmakers in OSCE participating States by providing them with sample domestic legislation and international standards on selected human dimension issues.

National Law Center for Inter-American Free Trade
An Inter-American Database whose center's various projects serve to identify and eliminate the structural legal obstacles to free trade through the harmonization of commercial laws and practice and the standardization of legal documentation. The Center has undertaken work in the following substantive areas: banking, environment , intellectual property, labor, secured financing, securities, and transportation. There are selected English Translations of Mexican Laws available. IP access.

Sub-Saharan Africa Government Information
The library collects documents from African governments and regional and non-governmental organizations. Collection strengths include development plans, censuses, central bank reports, and statistics. Although material is collected from all countries, particular strengths include Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zambia. Sub-Saharan African Governments Search Engine is a search engine for web sites from Sub-Saharan African governments. It is limited to government sites at the national level, and does not include sites from state governments, political parties, or non-governmental organizations. For best results, search using the official language(s) of the country you are interested in.

Access to legal journals, Official Gazettes, codes, full text legislation, cases from many jurisdictions. IP access. Its"global search" feature has the ability to search primary and secondary contents from all jurisdictions at once, and could be combined with automatic translation of search terms and results.

Westlaw Gulf
Fee-based. IP access. It contains UAE Laws; Bahrain core laws; Kuwait core laws; Saudi Arabia core laws; Qatar core laws. Business Laws of Kuwait and Qatar, Business Laws of Lebanon, Business Laws of Saudi Arabia, Business Laws of United Arab Emirates, Commentary on the Civil Code (Ministry of Justice), Intellectual Property Law and Practice of the UAE. Cases and journals.

World Bank eLibrary
Contains over 1,200 World Bank titles, searchable by keywords, title, and author: Electronic books, Electronic indexes, Economics, International Relations.

Foreign Law: Subject Law Collections on the Web by Charlotte Bynum

Lee, Zhang, Okuhara, & Ma, Issues and Trends in Collection Development for East Asian Legal Materials, 105 Law Library Journal 321 (2013).
This article includes a survey of the main print and electronic sources for Korean, Japanese and Chinese law.

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