Council of Europe

Council of Europe
Contains European Treaties, the Statute of the Council of Europe, Signature and Ratifications of treaties for each member State, Human Rights documents.

Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Home Page

European Court of Human Rights
This official site contains pending cases, judgments, basic texts.  For full text of cases, search HUDOC. It is a powerful, user-friendly information system which provides access to the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights, the European Commission of Human Rights and the Committee of Ministers.  The judgments, decisions, resolutions and reports of these bodies are held in a database and can be consulted via a sophisticated search screen.

"Travaux Préparatoires"  of the Convention (ECHR)
The "Travaux préparatoires" contain the various documents that were produced during the drafting of the Convention and its first Protocol, reports of discussions in the Assembly and its Committee on Legal and Administrative Questions and in the Committee of Ministers and certain of its committees of experts.

European Treaties
1949-present.  Contains conventions, protocols of the 40 members of the Council of Europe by subject category.

Council of Europe Human Rights Web Site
This database is maintained by the Directorate of Human Rights of the Council of Europe to facilitate public access to information about the Human Rights Activities of the Council of Europe.

European Union

History, role and activities of the Council of Europe: Facts, figures and information sources by Sophie Lobey.

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