Business, Banking Laws, Bankruptcy, Finance, and Electronic Commerce

Bankruptcy Laws of the US and Other Countries
Some laws, news, general information under Worldwide Directory of Bankruptcy; Resource Materials Covers Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Russia, United Kingdom, USA.

Business Databases
Full text. IP access.

Center for Financial Institutions
Project for the distribution of Central Bank and Commercial Banking Statutes at New York University School of Law.

Center for Transnational Law
It provides free access to almost 80 principles of transnational commercial law with comparative references taken from the doctrine, international uniform law, arbitral case law and contract practice, many of them in full text.

Cyberbanking and Law
Dedicated to the law of electronic banking on the Internet in English, French and German.

Doing Business Law Library at the World Bank
The largest free online collection of foreign business laws and regulations (banking and credit laws, civil procedure codes, bankruptcy and collaterals laws, commercial and company laws, labor laws, constitutions, etc).

Electronic Information for Tax Professionals
Offshore Tax Laws, Articles, Info.

European Finance, Banking, and Tax Locator
Provides links to banking statutes, tax rates, and descriptions of the financial systems of most European countries, with initial efforts directed primarily toward Central and Eastern European countries.

Global Banking Law Database
The GBLD consists of a collection of commercial banking, central banking, and deposit insurance laws of jurisdictions that are representative of the regions of the world as well as international financial centers. The laws are available in English in both MS Word and PDF format.

Global Insolvency Law Database (World Bank)
Company and industry information, financial market data, and macroeconomic analysis for more than 35 emerging markets in Asia, Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe. Go to Legal and Tax Flash Report. Access only for NYU students. Read Browser Configuration Instructions.

International Insolvency
By Samuel L. Bufford, Louise DeCarl Adler, Sidney B. Brooks & Marcia S. Krieger; Federal Judicial Center, 2001.170p.

Laws of electronic commerce worldwide
By the Baker & McKenzie law firm. Full texts of legislation and regulations for Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States (state and federal). It also includes articles, reports, studies, uniform laws and other U.S. and international harmonization initiatives, and information on conferences.

Statistical Resources on the Web, Foreign Government Data Sources

TaxBase by Tax Analysts. Fee-based. To gain free and unlimited access to TaxBase for 30 days, simply fill out the form. The library does not have a subscription. See the library's collection policy.

At the Center for Transnational Law (CENTRAL) at the University of Cologne, Germany. A free research and codification platform for transnational law.

Japan: Mizuho Securities Research & Links
Research and links to English resources on Japanese finance, economy, politics and law. Includes a comprehensive list of links to English language websites of Japanese financial institutions and listed companies.

Switzerland: Trade Register

Transnational Dispute Management
TDM focuses on recent developments in the area of arbitration and dispute management. The Newsletter is published every two months. The library does not have a subscription. See the library's collection policy.

World Bank
World Internet Insolvency & Bankruptcy Resources: Law
World Law: Insolvency & Bankruptcy (AustLII)

Doing Business in:
Trinidad & Tobago
Indobizlaw Indonesian business law on the Internet.

International Commercial Arbitration: Locating the Resources by Jean M. Wenger

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