Law and Business Pathway

A very high proportion of our graduates go into business law at some point in their careers. The term “business law” encompasses a wide range of practice areas. Some of these involve the organization, governance, and regulation of firms, including mergers and acquisitions, the issuance of securities, acting as or advising corporate counsel, bankruptcy, and the use of venture capital. Other practice areas involve discrete transactions between a firm and its suppliers or customers (which may be either businesses or consumers), including financing arrangements, commercial or consumer sales and joint ventures. And still other practice areas involve compliance with or litigation arising out of regulations and criminal laws, including corporate crime, securities regulation and financial institutions regulation. In each case, the attorney’s role may involve providing advice on the organization or governance of a firm, planning or implementing a transaction, or litigating or arbitrating the consequences of a decision that has already been made or a transaction that has already occurred. Since business is often conducted on an international scale, many of these practice areas involve dealing with foreign or international law.

Whether involved in corporate organization and governance, transactional work, or litigation, the business attorney must have broad knowledge of the various tools that businesses use to accomplish their objectives and the legal doctrines that regulate or facilitate those objectives.