JD Admissions

Dual Degree with the National University of Singapore

NYU School of Law and the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Faculty of Law offer a dual degree program, the NYU-NUS Dual JD/LLB Program. NUS law undergraduate students will be able to obtain a LLB degree from NUS and a JD degree from NYU in five years, spending three years at NUS followed by two years at NYU in New York City. Interested NUS students may apply after their first or second year exam results are available. Please note that NYU strongly prefers that NUS students apply after receiving their second year exam results. In some cases, NUS students who apply after receiving their first year exam results will be required to reapply after receiving their second year exam results.

NUS LLB graduate students and NYU JD students will spend two years at each law school with both degrees being earned in 4 years. Interested students must apply and be accepted to both law schools. Application may be made simultaneously to both schools or a student may apply to the second school while enrolled in their first or second year of law study.

During their first year of study at NYU, incoming NUS dual degree students will enroll in civil procedure and the administrative and regulatory state.

The application deadline for JD/LLB applicants is December 1. All supporting materials must be received by December 15.

Checklist for a Complete JD/LLB Dual Degree Application with National University of Singapore

  • Application
  • Application Fee: $85
  • Law School Certification
  • LSAC Credential Assembly Service report
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation from a law school faculty member
  • Resume (not required but highly recommended)

All students must commence their NYU study in the fall semester.

Special Advanced Standing online application will be available here.