Payment for all summer housing charges must be made in full by Thursday, May 10, 2018.  Those summer residents who fail to make payment by May 10, 2018 will be unable to participate in  the course selection lottery and will be charged a $100 late payment fee.  Residents who face financial hardship should contact the Office of the Bursar to arrange a payment plan.  Residents with an approved housing payment plan will not be assessed the $100 late payment fee.

We regret that after March 15, 2018, we will not be able to reduce your rent amount if you should decide to arrive later or depart earlier than the dates confirmed by us. Unless your request to cancel or shorten your length of stay is received and approved by March 15, 2018, or by the date indicated in your initial assignment letter, the license binds you to all terms for the full license period.

Billing & Payment

Residents will be billed by the NYU Bursar's Office and student account information is available in Albert.   Please see the Billing & Payments section of our Web site for further information.

Note: Unless your account is paid in full by May 10 you will not be permitted to participate in several important student processes. Specifically, if you have an arrears balance from a prior semester, you will not be permitted to register for courses in the Course Registration Lottery. If you have paid your balance for the prior semester but will not make the summer housing payment by the Bursar's deadline of May 10, your Course Registration Lottery requests will not be processed (even if you entered your requests on Albert).

Students who are financially obligated to the University for tuition, housing, library or other services will have a "HOLD" placed on their account until all arrears have been paid. This means the following:

1) Course Lottery and Drop/Add Registrations will not be processed
2) state bar examination will not be certified;
3) official transcript will not be printed; and
4) a diploma will not be issued.