Housing Assignments are made based on the date the application is received and length of stay requested. Due to the high demand for our summer housing program, priority assignments are given to those who will commit to a full summer housing license (10 weeks). Submitting an application does not guarantee placement.

Priority in the assignment process is given to those who meet all 3 criteria’s below:
a) you apply before the February 15 priority deadline
b) are applying for a shared space only
c) have selected “Yes” to an alternate assignment

Individuals applying for a studio occupancy units will be assigned by the completed date of their application.

Applications for family units, due to the fact that the demand for these types of accommodations exceed the supply, will be assigned by the completed date of the application.

We begin making long-term assignments in Mid-March and weekly thereafter. Assignment notifications will go out via email in March. An initial assignment notification, including room type and charges, will inform you that we are able to assign you.

Specific assignment information, including apartment and telephone numbers, mailing address, and apartmentmate information, if known, is sent in May. Short-term assignments are made in April, based on remaining available space.

Specific apartmentmates may be requested but cannot be guaranteed. Each apartmentmate must submit a separate application form indicating apartmentmate preference.  Apartmentmate information will be distributed via email in early May.

Assignments are processed based on the information provided on the application.  Once assigned, requests for reassignments will not be granted. You will be contacted only if we are able to offer you a housing assignment.

Waitlisted applicants who do not have a housing assignment may cancel their housing application and will be refunded their initial payment.

Those applicants on the waitlist will be notified in the event we are able to assign them based on cancellations received.

Note: Claims of not receiving an assignment confirmation do not negate the license obligations agreed to when submitting the application. Cancellation penalties may be assessed even if original housing charges have not been paid in full.

 We reserve the right to process reassignments when necessary.