You may check in anytime after 9:00 a.m. on your confirmed check-in date, which will be indicated in the assignment letter. Please review the Check-In page for a detailed description of necessary procedures.


You must check out by 10:00 a.m. on your confirmed check-out date, which will be indicated in the assignment letter. To request a stay beyond your confirmed check-out date, you must submit a written request at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure date (See "Change Dates of Stay").  No extensions will be granted beyond August 3, 2014.  Please review the Check-Out page for a detailed description of necessary procedures.

Controlled Substances

Narcotics use and use of controlled substances without a valid prescription are prohibited.

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

New York University is bound by federal law to protect each resident's right to privacy. We must abide by the tenets of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974.  According to FERPA guidelines, NYU cannot provide information about any student's residency to third parties.  This information includes, but is not limited to, assignment verification, account statements and telephone numbers. 

NYU cannot provide information about any student's residency to third parties.


Residents may have overnight guests but, in fairness to your neighbors and any apartmentmates, you must follow some established rules.

  • You must be in attendance at all times when you have a guest.
  • You may have overnight guests for a total of no more than seven nights per 30-day period. (A particular guest may be a guest in Law School housing for no more than seven nights per 30 day period.). 
  • The resident/licensee will need to obtain a Guest Pass for each guest, each visit; you can do this simply by stopping by the office in Mercer Residence or D'Agostino Hall.
  • You will need written permission from your apartmentmate(s) if you are having more than one guest at a time or if your guest is staying more than three consecutive nights; both require authorization from the administration.

Halogen Lamps

Halogen lamps are strictly forbidden in all residential facilities due to the fire danger associated with them.

Identification Cards

At check-in, new residents/licensees and other adult residents on family housing applications will be given temporary ID cards for access to their residence halls that are valid for three days only. All residents must get a permanent NYU photo ID from the University ID Center within one week of arrival.  Family housing residents must obtain a NYU ID Card clearance letter from the Office of Residential Life.  The permanent ID cards will be required for access to the residence halls and also for access to other university buildings, libraries, and the sports center.

We strongly recommend that applicants assigned housing send in a photo in advance of your arrival on campus so that an NYUCard can be generated prior to your arrival.  The ID Card will be placed in your check-in packet.   Please review the instructions on the NYUCard Photo Identification Application.


NYU School of Law does not provide any form of property or health and hospitalization insurance for residents. We encourage all residents to carry health insurance and to obtain property insurance.

Occupancy Limits

See the room descriptions for the number of occupants allowed in each room-type and apply for space suitable for your needs. Occupancy limitations may not be exceeded.


You may not have pets of any type, nor may your visitors and guests bring pets into the buildings.


D'Agostino Hall and Mercer Residence have round-the-clock door attendants who will screen guests and visitors.  All residents must show a valid NYU ID Card with a valid residence hall sticker each and every time they enter the building.


NYU is a  Smoke Free Campus. Our campus policy states that smoking is prohibited at all times on the University campus, including all of its buildings, residence halls and their grounds, clinics, laboratories, classrooms, private offices, balconies, plazas, vestibules, loading docks, and on any other campus property, as well as within close proximity to or causing the obstruction of any building entrance, covered walkway or ventilation system. 

Residents must adhere to the following restrictions:

  • Anyone wishing to smoke outside of Mercer Residence must be no closer than the Mercer Street sidewalk and must be beyond the courtyard gate.
  • Anyone wishing to smoke outside of D'Agostino Hall must do so on the Third Street sidewalk from a distance that is not in close proximity to and does not cause the obstruction fo the building's covered entrances.

Violations of the smoking policy may result in the termination of the housing license.