Application Fees and Deposits

All applications require an initial payment of $1,000.  Information about the required application fee (nonrefundable $1000 initial deposit) is available on the Application Fees section of this Web site.  The initial deposit will be credited towards your rent.  If we are unable to assign you, or if you cancel by the deadline, your initial deposit will be refunded by the NYU Bursars Office. 

  • For the Summer 2017, the SLNY housing deposit can be made online via the NYU eSuite.  To submit the deposit online, once in the NYU eSuite, applicants must click on the eDeposits tab.

Payment of Balance Due

Applicants assigned accommodations as part of the Summer Living in New York Program must pay all balances in full by the due date on their Bursar's statement and prior to arrival.  Information about payment due dates, methods of payment, and applicable policies is available on the Balance Due section of this Web site.

  • Residents can view real-time account activity through the NYU eSuite