Renovations & Ongoing Projects

Renovation of D’Agostino Hall During Summer 2015

We are excited to announce that D’Agostino Hall will be undergoing renovations during summer 2015.  Renovations will include the installation of sprinklers in all bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms as well as the completion of our apartment renovation project.  To accomplish this monumental task, D’Agostino Hall will be closed to all residents immediately following the end of the 2015 Spring Semester. 
For information on how this may impact your summer plans, we invite current residents to refer to their respective building’s memo below.  Please direct any questions you may have about the upcoming events to

Mercer Apartment Renovation

The Department of Residence Services is currently in the process of renovating all of the apartments in Mercer Residence. Accordingly, each summer approximately 30 bed spaces are taken off line for renovation and refurbishment (new carpet, kitchen & bathroom cabinets, energy star appliances, etc.).

The following projects are scheduled on an annual basis.

Window Cleaning

All apartment windows are cleaned annually by a professional window cleaning service.  Residents will be notified ahead of time of scheduled window-cleaning dates. 

Carpet & Kitchen Floor Cleaning

The carpets in every apartment are professionally steam cleaned once a year and the kitchen floors are stripped and refinished. Residents will be notified.