Those students who have a confirmed assignment in NYU School of Law housing for the 2018-19 academic year may apply to arrive prior to the August 25 check-in date (August 22 for JD1 students) by submitting an Early Arrival Application online. Come early to settle in and enjoy what New York City has to offer.


Housing License/Arrival Dates:

  • The academic year license period start date for all but JD1 students is August 25, 2018 and will extend to May 25, 2019
  • The academic year license period start date for JD1 students is August 22, 2018 and extends to May 22, 2019. All JD1 students are scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, August 22, 2018, and will be charged the corresponding JD1 Orientation Housing Fee from August 22 to August 25, 2018. JD1 students who would like to arrive prior to August 22, should submit an Early Arrival Application requesting to do so.


  1. Early Arrival Applications are subject to approval and are only available to those students who have a confirmed housing assignment for the Fall 2018 semester.
  2. Residents are assessed a nightly charge for their early arrival stay. Please review the early arrival rates (below) prior to submitting the application.
  3. If an early arrival housing request is cancelled after an assignment notification has been sent, a $200.00 cancellation fee will be placed on the students University account.
  4. We will begin processing early arrival housing requests the week of July 16 and weekly thereafter. Confirmation will be sent via email to the applicants NYU email address.
  5. If you would like to make any changes to your early arrival application, after the application has been submitted and before it has been processed, please contact the Department of Residence Services.
  6. Access to the NYU Sports Centers is available to all students once the academic year begins (August 25). Residents who would like to access the Sports Centers prior to August 25 may arrange to do so by contacting the membership office and paying a fees associated with service during this period.
  7. Only those residents who have requested, and been approved, to arrive prior to the academic year license start date (August 25 for all but JD1 students; August 22 for JD1 students) will be permitted to check in early.
  8. While we do all that we can to grant requests, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be granted.

NYU School of Law students (returning students) who have a confirmed fall 2018 academic year housing assignment that will not live in a Law School residence during the summer 2018 term and are employed at least 35 hours per week during the Summer term may be eligible to apply for a discount. A $200 charge will be added to your University account if you cancel your Early Arrival Housing Request after the assignment notification has been sent.

Early Arrival Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the requested arrival date.

  • Submit the Fall 2018

    Early Arrival Application (Available July 1)

D'Agostino Hall Early Arrival Rates

Type Occupancy Type Tier Daily Rate
L1 Single U $105
M Single L $68
N Single L $74
O Double L $59
O Double M $61
O Double U $62
P Triple L $55
P Triple M $56
P Triple U $58








Note: Rates include phone, cable and utilities charges.


Hayden Hall Early Arrival Rates

Type Occupancy Type Tier Daily Rate
J3 Single L $89
J3 Single M $91
J3 Single U $93
D1 Single L $95
D1 Single M $97
D1 Single U $100
D2 Single L $93
D3 Single L $91
D3 Single U $96
A1 Single L $108
A2 Single M $110
A2 Single U $113
A3 Single L $104
A3 Single M $106
A3 Single U $109
E2 Single L $113
E2 Single M $114
E2  Single  $123 
E3 Single M $121
E3 Single U $122
C1 Double L $69
C1 Double U $72
C2 Double L $67
C2 Double M $69
C3 Double L $65
C3 Double U $70
F1 Double L $73
F1 Double M $74
F1 Double U $76
F2 Double L $72
F3 Double L $71
F3 Double M $72
F3 Double U $74
G1 Triple M $71
G1 Triple U $72
H1  Triple  $68 
G3 Triple L $68
G3 Triple M $69
G3 Triple U $72

Note: Rates include phone, cable and utilities charges.


130 MacDougal Street

Type Occupancy Type Tier Daily Rate
U Single N/A $79

Note: Rates include utilities