Catering Fees

Waitstaff Fees

Food and beverage events other than CulinArt basket lunches for 30 people or more will require a waiter. Each waiter is $28 per hour for a minimum of 5 hours. Each half an hour after that is assessed at $14.00 per waiter.

Please note, 2 hours are needed for set-up of an event plus the length of an event plus 1 hour to breakdown when catering is concerned.

The Office Hospitality and Food Services will determine the amount of waiters needed for each event.


**An additional fee for waitstaff will be assessed for weekend events as well as and onsite Chef fee for large scale events and plated meals over 80 people ($28.00 per hour with a 5 hour minimum per chef).


CulinArt Basket Lunch and Event Fees

- $1.50 will be charged for each individually bagged lunch.

Basket Lunches for 30 and up:
- a labor fee of $140.00 will be assessed for a minimum of 5 hours.
- additional time will be charged at $28.00 per hour.
- lunches that require coffee service, there will be an automatic $140.00 charge for wait staff.

CulinArt Weekend Events
- a $275.00 Weekend Chef's service fee will automatically be applied.

For Groups of 30 or less people who require basket lunch service please utilize the Pick-up Program.


**Please note that for all orders placed after 72 hours before your event, a 45% upcharge fee will be applied**

**For all food and beverage orders we require a mandatory order of 75% of your guest count**