Conferencing and Special Events

Additional Services and Extra Charges

Coat Check

Vanderbilt Hall & Furman Hall

During the academic year, there is a coat check attendant on duty in Vanderbilt Hall that serves the entire Law School community Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 11:00 p.m. There is no charge for this service. Since this one attendant must handle coats for everyone in the building who desires the service, an extra attendant must be ordered for large events (parties of 100 or more) at the rate of $28.00 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum fee.

There is no regularly scheduled coat attendant on duty Saturday or Sunday, but arrangements can be made through the Office of Hospitality and Food Services to hire an attendant at the weekend rate of $28.00 per hour, with a 5 hour minimum fee.


D'Agostino Hall

There is no regular coat attendant on duty in Lipton Hall. Arrangements can be made through the Office of Hospitality and Food Services to hire an attendant at $28.00 per hour with 5 hour minimum. Two attendants are required for parties of 100 or more.


Insurance Requirement

All external groups must submit a liability insurance rider in the amount of one million dollars which names NYU as an additional insured party on the date of their event. Proof of not-for-profit status must also be submitted before a contract will be considered valid.


Floral Services

In order to maintain the same level of quality for each of our events, we require all clients order flowers for functions through the Office of Hospitality and Food Services. A standard $25 delivery charge will be applied to all orders. Floral arrangements start at $65.00.



If rentals are required for an event the client is responsible for the charges. There is a $300 minimum rental order. The rental charges will be reflected on the invoice from the Office of Hospitality and Food Services.



Vanderbilt Hall & Furman Hall

There are security personnel on the premises 24 hours per day each day that the building is open. Depending on the nature of the event, the number of attendees, or if dignitaries or high profile personalities will be present, additional security may be required at the discretion of the Law School. All rates will be disclosed on the event's final invoice.


D'Agostino Hall

All guests using D'Agostino Hall facilities must go through the private events entrance at 108 West Third Street. To ensure the safety of your guests as well as the safety of the residents of the building, it is mandatory that a guard be hired for each event at $49.00 per hour with a 5 hour minimum.


Vanderbilt Hall

In response to the constructive feedback in last year’s community survey, we have been looking for economical and efficient ways to increase the space available to communicate the myriad and diverse activities of the Law School. To this end, the incremental upgrading of the public spaces in Vanderbilt Hall has given us the opportunity to upgrade the way we display posters advertising events.

You may have also noticed that a series of brass rails have been installed throughout the ground floor lobby and second floor landing of Vanderbilt Hall. We are excited about this system of display, as it will allow the community to have more posters and in more prominent locations than the previous use of easels. We encourage organizations to design posters to get noticed: keep your message simple, your text readable and be sure to remember the details (date, time & location).


Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning is available in Vanderbilt Hall for $165.00.