Hospitality and Food Services

Plan Publicity

Once space has been confirmed by the Office of Hospitality and Food Services and speakers have been finalized, it is time to plan publicity. The Office of Communications (D'Agostino Hall, Suite 234; offers design, production, and print services for all internal and external publications of the Law School, including brochures, invitations, booklets, newsletters and posters. Nearly all publications require an outside vendor for printing, and the University always requires a purchase order. Some items may take up to three months to process.

Work Order

A publications work order must be filled out and submitted along with the text before work can begin. A PDF of the work order can be found here. Contact David Niedenthal, Director of Communications, at or (212) 998-6107 to discuss your project as far in advance as possible, as volume is high.

Types of Publicity

Publicity can be done in many different ways, and not all methods are necessary or appropriate for all events. In consultation with your faculty or administrative coordinator(s), decide among the following: invitations, professional posters or signs, flyers, The Docket announcements, NYU Law Magazine, advertisements, press releases, e-mails, and the website and online calendar. For further information on these options, please select from the links at the left.