Hospitality and Food Services

Golding Lounge

Room Capacity

Reception: 150 people (Includes both East and West Wing)
Theater Style: 40 people (in East or West Wing)



NYU Law School Offices: $25.00 (per each Wing or Main Lounge)
NYU Law School Student Organizations: $25.00 (per each wing, or Main Lounge - weekends only)
External: No Non-Law school rental at this time.


Room Availability

NYU Law School Student Organizations: weekdays after 6:30pm and Friday's after 3:00pm until Sunday evening.
NYU Law School Student Organizations and Non-NYU Law Organizations: no events permitted during finals.


Venue Description

Located on the second floor in Vanderbilt Hall. The room contains casual, small table and chair groupings throughout and is abutted by a large outdoor terrace.

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