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Planning Your Year-Long Class Schedule

Summer Classes

There are three sections of Introduction to US Law; each will focus on a different topic during those class sessions that follow a line of court cases. During the period July 1-15, you may express a preference for a section of Introduction to US Law by visiting (link will be activated July 1). We will honor your preference to the extent possible. If you do not enter your preference by July 15 at 9:30 a.m. (NY EST), we will place you in one of the Intro. sections. Please note that the method for assigning students to a section of the Intro class is separate from ABRA, the system you will use to register for fall and spring classes.

Fall and Spring Classes

Registration for fall and spring classes begins in mid-June (via ABRA), before your arrival at NYU Law. For best results during the registration process, we advise you to plan your class schedule by reviewing:

  • Specialization requirements: check your specialization’s requirements before you begin thinking about which classes to take.
  • Course offerings: explore the class offerings for the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 semesters (click on “upper-level classes”).
  • Course updates: Check course updates on an ongoing basis during registration for information on new courses, canceled courses, schedule changes, and other important announcements relating to classes.
  • LLM Guides: In mid-June we will send you via e-mail the 2015-16 Registration Guide and the 2015-16 LLM Handbook. The Registration Guide contains detailed information about our Auction Based Registration Algorithm (ABRA) system, and the Handbook includes important law school policies. In the meantime, you may refer to the 2014-15 Registration Guide and the 2014-15 LLM Handbook (note that information and deadlines change each year).
  • NY Bar exam: If you plan to take the New York bar exam and need the NYU LLM for bar eligibility, you are required by the NY Board of Law Examiners to take particular classes. For a list of classes at NYU Law that count toward meeting New York’s requirements, please go here.

When planning your class schedule, it is also helpful to refer to faculty biographies, students’ evaluations of faculty, grade distributions, and past syllabi (only some syllabi are available online). You may also want to review the exam schedule when planning your classes. The exam dates are posted under the description of each class.

In addition, please be aware of the dates and deadlines outlined in the Registration Calendar.

Online chat - Planning your LLM year: a Career Development Perspective

Clara Solomon, Office of Career Services (OCS)
David Glasgow, Public Interest Law Center (PILC)
Lourdes Olvera-Marshall, Office of Graduate Affairs (OGA)

A recording of this chat is available here:

Faculty Chats

To further assist you in selecting your classes, the Office of Graduate Affairs has organized a series of online chats with Faculty Directors from various LLM specializations. We recommend you tune in to ask questions about courses, how to direct your studies, which courses are a "must" in your area of specialization, and other subject-related questions.

These chats are held in May, prior to the start of registration. The times and dates for the chats are:

International Business Regulation, Litigation & Arbitration

Professor Franco Ferrari
Monday, May 4

Recording available here.


Professor Kevin Davis
Wednesday, May 6

Recording available here.

Traditional (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure)

Professor Jim Jacobs
Thursday, May 7

Recording available here.

International Legal Studies

Professor José Alvarez
Monday, May 11

Recording available here.


Professor Marcel Kahan
Wednesday, May 20

Transcript available here.

Competition, Innovation & Information Law

Professors Harry First and Rochelle Dreyfuss
Tuesday, May 26

Recording available here.

To log into a chat go to (same link for all chats), click on “Enter as a Guest,” type your name and hit “Enter Room.” Note that the links will not be active until 10 minutes before the start time of the session.

Prior to registration, Faculty Directors of the Legal Theory and Environmental Law programs will be in communication with members of those specializations regarding course selection.


It is never too early to seek advice about classes! Prior to registration, and throughout the process, seek advice from various sources including LLM alumni, lawyers in areas of practice that interest you, NYU Law faculty, and the Office of Graduate Affairs (OGA). If you’d like to contact OGA for advice on classes, please complete and submit our online advising survey, which you can find here. OGA members will review the form and provide feedback via Skype, phone, or e-mail.


The Office of Graduate Affairs is here to assist you with questions regarding class registration (including ABRA). Please review the above information before contacting us, so that we can best address your questions and concerns

Please e-mail us at We are also available to speak via telephone and Skype.