Each year NYU School of Law hosts a variety of visitors from abroad who gather to learn, conduct research, teach, and share expertise as part of a vibrant and truly global intellectual community. NYU’s Global Visitors consist of the following four broad categories:

  • Students from abroad are welcome in our J.D.LL.M. and J.S.D degree programs. Select LL.M. students are awarded the Hauser Global Scholarship. Students enrolled in doctoral degree programs at other institutions abroad may be chosen to spend a year at NYU as Visiting Doctoral Researchers
  • Global Fellows are academics, researchers, scholars, practitioners, and post-doctoral students from around the world who come to NYU for up to one year to conduct and present their research. 
  • The Hauser Global Faculty are renowned, international academics and practitioners who visit the Law School to teach courses in a wide range of fields.
  • Distinguished Global Fellows are notable international legal figures who visit the Law School for short periods to give lectures and participate in other educational and scholarly events.