NYU Law in Asia: Shanghai

About the Program

NYU Law in Shanghai provides up to 25 NYU Law students in their third year the opportunity to immerse themselves in the law and legal culture of China while studying for a semester in an academic program established and administered by the Law School.

The program has a substantive focus on Chinese business law, offering legal education for students who want to become leaders in international business and gain a foothold in Asia. There are opportunities to study Mandarin, to receive instruction from top faculty in the region, and to interface with leading law firms, arbitral centers, and legal institutions in Shanghai and other cities in the region.

The courses will focus on the structure and operation of Chinese legal institutions, international business and investment transactions with China, and resolution of international disputes. There will also be opportunities for directed research.

All courses are taught in English by faculty from the region on the NYU Shanghai campus, which gives the Law School access to classrooms and study space, student services, administrative support, and language instruction. Starting Spring 2015, the Law School will take advantage of the brand-new Pudong Campus of NYU Shanghai. For more information about the site facilities, please visit http://www.nyu.edu/global/global-academic-centers/shanghai/academics/facilities-services.html

Professor Roderick M. Hills Jr. is the NYU Faculty Program Director. He oversees the program in coordination with the On-Site Program Director and Vice Chancellor of NYU Shanghai, Professor Jeffrey Lehman. 

Academic Calendar Spring 2017

Arrival and Orientation January 12 - January 13
Intensive Introductory Course January 16 - January 25
Spring Festival Holiday Janruary 27 - February 2
Regular Classes Start February 3
Spring Break April 3 - April 7  
Last Day of Regular Classes April 27  
Make-Up Day April 28
Chinese Holiday May 1
Reading Days May 2 - May 4
Final Exam Period May 5 - May 14


Course schedules are available within the ABRA registration system at the same time that regular courses for the spring semester are published. Some courses may be subject to the adjunct cap. For more information about academic requirements, please visit the Academic Service page here.

All courses at the Shanghai site are administered by NYU Law and evaluated with letter grades, which will appear on the student's transcript and count towards GPA.

Spring 2017 Courses

  • Introductory Course: Introduction to Chinese Law (Two Credits)
  • International Arbitration (Three Credits)
  • International Investment Transactions in Developing Countries (Four Credits)
  • Additonal courses on comparative Asian property law (two credits), and international captial market and mergers and acquisitions transactions (two credits) are likely to be added. The course on mergers and acquisitions may have Corporations as a prerequisite.
  • Directed Research: Students making previous arrangements with faculty either in Shanghai or Washington Square may receive up to two credits for research conducted while in Shanghai.

Language Courses: Students who have a working knowledge of Mandarin will generally receive a greater benefit from their experience. Students are therefore encouraged to take language courses at NYU or elsewhere before participating. Students may also find it useful to take Mandarin courses at NYU Shanghai while studying there. No law school credit, however, will be awarded for courses intended solely for language instruction; NYU language courses will appear in transcripts.

Tuition and Living Costs

Students participating in NYU Law Abroad pay full tuition to NYU Law for the semester. Tuition covers a full course load; students who wish to take additional courses may do so at an additional expense. Information about NYU Law School tuition can be found in the following link: http://www.law.nyu.edu/financialaid/budgetandbudgeting/studentexpensebudget/index.htm

For more information about cost of living and other expenses please visit http://www.nyu.edu/global/global-academic-centers/shanghai/admitted-students/costs-budgeting/cost-of-living.html


For Spring 2016, students in the Shanghai program will be living off-campus. NYU Law in Shanghai staff will assist in helping students find their own housing during the pre-departure period. 

Passport, Visa and Residence Permit Requirements

Students should obtain the necessary passport and visa to study in Shanghai. Students will be able to coordinate the process with the Office of Global Services.

Access for Persons with Disabilities

The NYU Shanghai facilities are fully accessible for persons with disabilities. Should you have any questions regarding access, please contact us at law.globalstudents@nyu.edu

More information about travelling for persons with disabilities can be found here.