Furman Scholars are selected at three times. 

The Committee selects some Scholars upon admission to the Law School. For those interested in becoming part of the Furman program upon admission, the Law School’s JD application has instructions for applying. The deadline for applying to the Furman program is the same as the JD application deadline - January 15th. You will need to submit a brief statement (approximately 500 words) separate from the personal statement, describing why you wish to pursue a career in legal academia and giving some sense of the field of legal scholarship you hope to pursue. Selections are based on the strength of a candidate's record and recommendations. All Furman Academic Scholars Program finalists are invited to visit the Law School for interviews and an introduction to the program.

Scholars also are selected during the summer between the 1L and 2L year. Students invited to apply in July after their 1L year will be expected to have a proposal for a student Note. It is strongly recommended that students interested in the program work on developing such a topic early in the summergood advice anyway as these Notes become excellent writing samples in the clerkship process. Those seeking advice on their note will find that the law school has a terrific page on student writing. A number of rising 2Ls are chosen to apply based on their performance in the first year, and faculty recommendations as to scholarly potential. Anyone interested in being a Furman Scholarand indeed anyone interested in becoming an academicis strongly encouraged to be a full-time research assistant during the summer following the 1L year. The Office of Career Services runs a program early in the second semester of the 1L year to facilitate hiring of research assistants. The summer RA program is highly conducive to developing a note topic during the summer.

A very small number of 2Ls will be asked to apply to the program following the first semester of the 2L year. Again, law school performance and faculty recommendations as to scholarly potential count heavily. However, no one will be considered at this point who does not also have a draft of a student note.