The Furman Academic Fellowship is available to graduates of the New York University School of Law who are actively pursuing an academic career.

Like a post-doctorate program, the Fellowship affords those graduates of NYU School of Law headed on the academic job market an opportunity to spend a year in residence at the Law School while they prepare to go on the teaching market. Fellows will work on their scholarship and spend time participating in intellectual events such as faculty workshops and colloquia.

The Furman Fellowship is a two year undertaking. During this time, fellows are expected to produce a work of serious scholarship. Thus, before applying a candidate should have begun work on a substantial writing project. Fellows will be chosen on the basis of their demonstrated commitment to a scholarly career, the quality and progress of the proposed writing project, and an assessment of their potential for success on the academic market.

Fellows will receive substantial faculty assistance with their project and to prepare them to go on the academic job market, including assignment of a faculty mentor in their subject area and an opportunity to showcase their work in a faculty setting. Academic Fellows receive a stipend as well as subsidized housing, a conference and book allotment, and space to work in the Law School.

Fellowships are open only to graduates of NYU School of Law, and ordinarily will commence at the beginning of the academic year prior to a candidate going on the job market.