JD Admissions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will the panelists ask me during the interview and should I prepare a topic in advance?
    You do not have to prepare a topic in advance but some questions that may be asked may include questions about your major role models, coursework that you have taken, your writing experience, and the influences that have affected your life. 
  • Who will be interviewing me and what is their connection to the AnBryce Scholarship Program and/or to NYU?
    The panelists will consist of a combination of NYU Law faculty, alumni and friends/associates of the AnBryce Foundation. In past years, panelists have included NYU School of Law faculty, a Supreme Court Justice, several US District Court judges, the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, the President and CEO of AmeriChoice and the Senior Vice President of PepsiCo.
  • What should I wear to the interview?
    We suggest business attire.
  • Can I contact current AnBryce Scholars and graduates of the program?
    Finalists selected for interviews will be put in touch with current scholars and alumni of the program.
  • How many Scholars enroll each year?
    In recent years, 10 scholars have enrolled.
  • How is the scholarship applied to my student account?
    Half of the scholarship will be credited to your Fall semester and the other half will be credited to your Spring semester. The credits will appear on your bursar bill and be subtracted from your amount due.
  • What is covered by the scholarship?
    It is a full-tuition scholarship, the largest award provided by the Law School. Scholars can use loan funds to cover additional items such as required fees, health insurance and room and board expenses.
  • How do I apply for loans to cover my living expenses?
    Scholars should complete the applicable FAFSA each year. Scholars may also qualify for the Grad PLUS loan or a private loan to fill any remaining gap in the budget.
  • Can I receive other scholarships in addition to the AnBryce scholarship?
    Students may qualify for additional funding from an outside source. However, scholars should read the terms of this additional funding as it may have restrictions on use of the funding and there may be tax implications. You should feel free to contact the Office of Student Financial Services with any questions.
  • Do I have to maintain a certain GPA to keep the scholarship all three years?
    Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress as described in the Student Handbook.
  • What obligations do AnBryce Scholars have while at NYU?
    Scholars are invited to participate in a variety of academic programs and social functions. Participation is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended in order to experience the full range of opportunities presented by the AnBryce Program.
  • What type of academic-year activities will AnBryce Scholars be invited to?
    Programs include but are not limited to: Roundtable discussions with NYU Law alumni, friends and mentors of the AnBryce program; outings to the place of business of alumni and mentors; career panels; exam-writing and preparation sessions; social functions such as dinners with the AnBryce faculty director and mentors.
  • Do graduates of the AnBryce Scholarship Program remain involved in the Program?
    Graduates continue to be involved in the Program by establishing mentoring relationships with current scholars, participating in the interview process and by participating in social activities throughout the year.
  • How does the AnBryce Scholarship Program assist graduates of the Program?
    The Program provides graduates with job placement assistance and maintains continuing relationships with graduates.