Conference: A Just Empire?
Rome's Legal Legacy and the Justification of War and Empire
in International Law

Commemorative Conference on Alberico Gentili (1552-1608)
New York University School of Law
March 13-15 2008



Clifford Ando ["Empire and the laws of war: the Roman case"]
Lauren Benton ["The Many Legalities of the Sea in Gentili's Hispanica Advocatio"]
Alexis Blane ["Punishment and the Ius post bellum"]
David Golove ["On an Equal Footing:Constitution-Making and the Law of Nations in the Early American Republic"]
Robert Howse ["Montesquieu on Commerce, Conquest, War and Peace"]
Daniel Hulsebosch ["On an Equal Footing:Constitution-Making and the Law of Nations in the Early American Republic"]
Emmanuelle Jouannet ["The disapearance of the concept of empire"]
Benedict Kingsbury ["Punishment and the Ius post bellum"]
Petter Korkman ["The Vital String of Mankind - Sociability and the Foundation of Natural Law and Universal Rights"]
Randall Lesaffer ["Gentili’s ius post bellum and early-modern peace treaties"]
Liliana Obregón ["Andrés Bello´s Roman Law and International Law as foundational projects for the newly independent Latin American States"]
Diego Panizza ["Alberico Gentili's De Armis Romanis: the Roman Model of the Just Empire"]
Partel Piirimae ["Alberico Gentili's doctrine of defensive war and its impact on seventeenth-century normative views"]
Ileana Porras ["Atheists, cannibals, rebels and pirates: Cementing the bonds of human society in Gentili’s De Iure Belli"]
John Richardson ["The meaning of imperium in the last century BC and the first AD"]
Peter Schröder ["It is the nature of wars for both sides to maintain that they are supporting a just cause"]
Benjamin Straumann ["The Corpus iuris civils as a source of law between nations in Gentili's thought"]
Kaius Tuori ["The invader's remorse: Gentili and the criticism of expansion in the Roman empire"]
Jeremy Waldron ["US GENTIUM: A Defense of Genitli's Equation of the Law of Nations and the Law of Nature"]
Christopher Warren ["Gentili, the Poets, and the Laws of War"]
James Whitman ["The Verdict of Battle"]


Anabel Brett

David Lupher

Anne Orford

Jennifer Pitts

Rahul Rao

John Fabian Witt


Photos from Welcome Reception at Silvano Lattanzi