One Year Later:
The Antitrust Modernization Commission’s Report and the Challenges That Await Antitrust



NYU School of Law
Greenberg Lounge
April 11, 2008


The Antitrust Modernization Commission issued its Report on April 2, 2007. Although the Report contained many criticisms of antitrust and its enforcement, and offered numerous suggestions for change, its overall assessment of antitrust was that fundamental change is not necessary.

National elections will take place on November 8, 2008. No matter who wins the election, new leadership will take over at the federal enforcement agencies and new policies will likely be adopted.

This conference—which will take place one year after the AMC's Report and less than one year before the change in federal antitrust enforcement leadership—is intended both to look back at the AMC's efforts and to look forward to how antitrust should be modernized in a new administration.

Invitees to the conference will discuss the Commission's proposals, consider which are likely to be adopted, and ask what additional changes might be appropriate to meet future challenges to antitrust and its enforcement.


Discussion Papers

AMC Report

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