Downloaded Template

Please click on the image above to download the template.

Finished Sample

Please click on the image above to download the flyer.

Each line of text in the template contains instruction as to what kind of information should appear on that line. To adhere to the design guidelines, simply highlight a line of text and type over it.

For instance, with “Event Title,” highlight the words on that line with your cursor and type in the title of your event. Follow the same instruction for “Name of Lecture” (which should appear in quotation marks), “Name of Speaker,” “Sponsorship information,” etc.

In the case of bracketed instruction to leave a line space, highlight “[line space]” and delete, leaving the appropriate number of line spaces suggested in the template.

Printing a Legal Size Sheet

Legal Size on a PC

From the Print menu, click on Properties. Under the tabbed window for “Paper,” click on “Legal.” Go to the drop down bar for “Paper Source” and select an “Alternate Tray” or select “Manual Feed.” Click OK and then click OK from the Print window.

Legal Size on a Mac

Go to “Page Setup.” Under “Page Attributes,” select Legal in the drop down window next to Paper. Click OK. Go to Print and under General, select a “Tray” or “Manual Feed” under “Paper Source.” Click Print.