In 2017, following the launch of the State Impact Center, all attorneys general and their senior staff were invited to apply to the NYU Law Fellow program. Interested attorneys general described their need for additional support on clean energy, climate and environmental matters, and certified that they could participate in the program under applicable federal and state laws.

NYU pays the salaries of the law fellows, but the fellows’ sole duty of loyalty is to the attorney general in whose office he or she serves. All work performed by the fellows is entirely identified and managed by their respective AG offices. The law fellows serve as Special Assistant Attorneys General for a limited term on clean energy, climate, and environmental matters with regional or national significance.

    Apply to be an NYU Law Fellow

    In 2018, the State Impact Center expanded its fellowship program to assist state attorneys general that have requested additional support specifically on clean energy matters. After another nationwide process in which all attorneys general were invited to apply, three states (Maryland, Delaware and Massachusetts) were selected to participate in the clean energy fellowship program.

    Fellowship positions in these three states are currently available. Prospective clean energy law fellows may begin the application process by sending a cover letter and résumé to and indicating their state of interest. The State Impact Center will share applications with the appropriate state(s) and applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

      Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

      • Defend environmental values and advance legal and policy positions to promote clean energy at the regional and national level.
      • Subject to the specific scope of assigned duties by the relevant state attorney general, perform highly advanced legal work, which might include conducting in-depth analysis and preparation of legal memoranda; interpreting laws and regulations; providing legal advice; and assisting in preparing legal notices, briefs, comment letters, and other associated litigation and regulatory documents.
      • Coordinate with the State Impact Center and interested allies on legal, regulatory and communications efforts regarding clean energy issues.
      • Perform other duties as assigned, with the expectation that the majority of time spent will be on clean energy issues.

      Requirements and qualifications:

      • Applicants must be duly licensed, authorized, and eligible to practice as an attorney under the laws of a state or the District of Columbia. Active bar membership is required.
      • Five to 10 years of experience in clean energy with preference for relevant experience in legal or policy issues of regional or national importance, such as those matters that cross jurisdictional boundaries or raise legal questions or conflicts that have nationwide applicability.
      • Litigation and/or regulatory experience, with preference for experience working in state or federal government.
      • Ability to work with partner organizations and to help build coalitions.
      • Excellent writing, editing, research, and verbal communication skills.
      • Ability to work well and with enthusiasm within a team in a fast-paced environment.