The Carr Center for Reproductive Justice at NYU Law (CCRJ) was established in 2013 to conduct innovative research, provide legal services, promote dialogue and expand the academic discipline on reproductive justice issues. CCRJ’s goal is to ensure justice and democracy for all. Current activities include clinical legal work, funding fellowships, and sponsoring an annual conference in the field.

Beth Nash Honored

Carr Center Founder Beth Nash honored at A Better Balance Gala event, Monday, May 4, for supporting ABB’s important undertaking promoting work and family balance, including New York City’s Paid Sick Days legislation.

Casework Update:

On January 8, 2015, we field a motion for preliminary injunction in Loertscher v. Schimmel & Anderson, 14 cv 870, US District Court Western District of Wisconsin (more here). The case challenges the constitutionality of Wisconsin’s 1997 Act 292, which empowers state actors to detain a pregnant woman who has consumed alcohol or drugs, subject her to coerced treatment, threaten to take her newborn if she isn’t compliant and jail her if she doesn’t cooperate with the state agencies' decisions about her medical treatment. Briefing on Defendant's motions to dismiss are underway. The case was originally filed on December 15, 2014. Read more

Annual Conference:

Our next conference is scheduled for October 29 & 30, 2015. Updates soon.

The first annual conference sponsored by the Carr Center was entitled “Reproductive Rights Law: Where is the Woman?” and took place on April 1, 2014. University Professor Carol Gilligan was the keynote speaker. Find out more

(Left to Right) Reproductive Justice Fellow Avram Frey '08 and Advisory Board Members Richard Revesz, Sarah Burns, Beth Nash, Trevor Morrison, Carol Gilligan, and Todd Lang.