NYU sponsors multiple conferences in the area of law, economics and organization. CLEO’s director, Jennifer Arlen and Geoffrey Miller were two of the co-founders of the annual Conference on Empirical Legal Studies, which is now the largest annual national conference in law and economics.

Through the Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement, CLEO also sponsors approximately two conferences a year, including the 2014 conference in Shanghai (joint with NYU Stern and Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Business Beyond Borders: Law, Firms and Markets in the US and China, and the April 4-5, 2014 conference on criminal enforcement policy. The Program on Corporate Compliance and Enforcement will sponsor a conference on Compliance in the fall of 2014 and an academic conference on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing in the spring of 2015. Papers from this latter conference will be published in the Research Handbook on Corporate Crime and Financial Misdealing (Jennifer Arlen '86 ed.).

In addition, CLEO faculty sponsor other important annual conferences in this area. Every year, NYU co-sponsors the NYU-Penn Law and Finance Conference joint with Stern, Wharton, and the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

In addition, NYU sponsors additional conferences on timely subjects. For example, NYU joined with the e Federal Reserve Bank of New York, to sponsor a Conference on the Regulation of Consumer Financial Products. In addition, NYU joined with the American Law Institute to sponsor an invitational conference on consumer protection, "Making Consumer Protection Work: Regulatory Techniques for Enforcing Consumer Protection Law."